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New Superman Image From "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" Teases A Whole Lot Of Nothing

So last night, DC released this new image of Superman from the impossibly-titled Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So here’s Superman standing and scowling at the rooftops of what appears to be Gotham City. Probably moments before Batman pounces on him and stabs him with a kryptonite knife.

So he has very minimal costume changes, but apparently a whole lot of fanboys have started to dissect the image and see what minuscule clues a heavily-photoshopped image can provide for the plot of a movie that is coming out in two years.

What about me? I ain’t feeling it. The moment Superman broke General Zod’s neck in Man of Steel, I’ve lost all interest. Unless, you know, they somehow bring back pre-New 52 Superman.

What do you think, though? Tell me about it in the comments.

UPDATE: The internet delivers.


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