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The Most Graphically-Stunning PC Games of The Decade

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Samurai Shodown is coming to the Nintendo Switch Soon

The Backlog - Ade Magnaye favorite games of 2019

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The Backlog: Top Games I Played in 2019

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‘Construction Simulator 2’ Brings the Jank to the Nintendo Switch

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Ride a few legendary cars on WRC 8 for the Nintendo Switch

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If you want some old-school action, ‘A Knight’s Quest’ is for you!

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‘A Knight Quest’ sees a Clumsy Hero go on an Adventure of a Lifetime

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‘Morphies Law’ for Nintendo Switch is now Remorphed, With Steam Crossplay!

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Hi, I’m Ade, and You Can Watch Me Suck at Video Games Live


Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Lets You Travel Time and Space in VR

Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets

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‘Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets’ is Coming to Nintendo Switch!

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‘Project Nimbus’ on Nintendo Switch Scratches that Mecha Itch

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The Backlog: ‘Transistor’ is a Trippy Cyberpunk Masterpiece

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5 Ridiculous (But Fun) Ideas For Brand New Mario Games

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