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Iron Man 2 Review

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Over at Comicgasm, RJ and I sat down and thought about Iron Man 2. This was pretty difficult for me, because you know I think about Batman most of the time, and switching over that brain power to think about Iron Man was pretty draining. But there was way too much about Iron Man 2 to talk about that I don’t think that a simple review here would suffice. And apparently, we managed to write a review while we were at it.

It proved that Comicgasm editors, when working together, leads to the worst sex-related jokes that we can possibly come up with individually. It was like we were competing for the leadership of hell or something.

If you don’t believe me, check out some few choice sentences from the review:

RJ: Random thought: They should totally make a porn parody of Iron Man, Lexi Belle as Pepper? Yes please!

Ade: I agree. I can imagine it already: “Well, Pepper, you’d have to know why I’m called Iron Man. You see, iron NEVER goes soft. So yes, Pepper, I am made of iron DOWN THERE! In case you’re too dim to figure it out honey, my dick’s made of iron! Because it never goes soft! That’s why it’s made of iron! That’s they call me Iron Man! Because I never go sof–”


So don’t you just sit there, go over to Comicgasm and read our Roundtable Review of Iron Man 2!

[The Iron Man 2 poster came from here, by the way]

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  1. the parody might be good ala pirates of the caribbean (quiapo release) 🙂

    1. As long as we have Lexi Belle as Pepper, I'm good.

  2. I love the movie so is the review Ade.

    hahahha …

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