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And There Was That Time Jollibee Showed Up On Glee

Apparently, it takes just a little for people to get excited over mundane shit. You see, yesterday, Jollibee was on Glee. And the internet literally just exploded. No, the kids of Glee didn’t eat there or anything. They just danced in front of the fucking store, in a dream sequence, and of course it was caught on camera.

Strangely enough, the internet was flooded with way too much Jollibee on Glee talk that it even was a trending topic on Twitter. Okay. Jollibee unseated Justin Fucking Bieber from the top of Twitter Trends. Imagine that.

Now I don’t know about you, but a normal reaction to seeing the said sequence on Glee would be “Oh, look, Jollibee on Glee. That’s kinda cool,” and then I’d move on with my life. Maybe if Jollibee the mascot also came out and danced with the Glee kids, it would be awesome.

Now I’m wondering why a brief glimpse of the Jollibee branch earned so much buzz on the internet when Tropical Hut hamburgers already showed up on Glee during an earlier episode:

And you guys ignored Jobert Sucaldito’s brief cameo during the very same sequence where the Jollibee branch showed up:

And I really am offended at the way you people ignored the part where a street fishball vendor showed up on Fringe:

Fringe Fishball Vendor

I really don’t get it guys. Can you explain to me the newly-discovered adulation for Jollibee?

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  1. What about those bloggers who posted the Jolliglee shit for SEO purposes? Yaki kadiriiii

  2. Meryll Avatar



  4. Joel Avatari Avatar
    Joel Avatari


  5. jumu-jobert lol

  6. Colonial mentality stuff, the same reason our local news outfits goes gaga whenever a Pinoy or Pinay makes an appearance in Western media.


  8. indeed. colonial mentality. everyone should move on.

  9. jollibee is getting huge! haha! :))

    hey ade! got a new blog –

    from arvinastig, arvasteeg to this. hahaha! a not so personal blog. i hope i make decent money $__$

    1. Alright, linking you! Also, I used the same theme on your site. I've been having bandwidth issues as of late and I figured a light theme would fix it. I saw after the switch that you have the same theme. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for the link by the way!

      1. no problem. these themes free for anyone. haha!

        1. Hehe it's Pinoy nature to be very proud of small things like that. I have yet to watch that episode though and see if I will feel the same way as everyone did… 🙂

  10. What newly discovered adulation? Jollibee has always been awesome.

    -the dumbass who got his Internet nickname from a Jollibee product.

  11. Laurene Avatar

    Fuck yeah, Tropical Hut!

  12. You forgot to mention that CSI: Miami episode where Horatio found a dead body next to an Andok's.

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