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The All-New Batman Arrives To Change Everything

Scott Snyder’s Batman run is up there next to Frank Miller’s and Grant Morrison’s as one of the greatest Batman runs of all time. He’s redefined Batman and his mythos and brought him back into a fallible character after Morrison’s invincible Bat-god. He created one of the greatest modern villains to actually make a mark on Batman, the Council of Owls. He tore off Joker’s face. He created an 11-issue epic origin story that comes close to Frank Miller’s classic Year One. He had the audacity to turn Jim Gordon’s son from Batman: Year One into a remorseless killer, caused by falling off the bridge in his only other comic book appearance.

You might say that Scott Snyder likes to mess around.

What I never expected from him at all is to bring in an all-new Batman, set to take over the comic after Endgame wraps up. Now I haven’t read a single issue of Endgame, but I do know that the Joker’s blowing things up in a way we’ve never seen him done before.  And we can expect a new Batman and supporting cast once the dust settles.

And here he is, in all his robotic glory.

All-New Batman

Not totally sure about this new Batman. But what Snyder has not done yet is to write a terrible story. I will gladly accept this until Bruce Wayne comes back to reclaim the mantle. Let’s just hope this isn’t another Jean-Paul Valley, though.

So what do you think of the All-New Batman?

Source: Newsarama

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