Hey guys, remember last year’s Philippine Blog Awards and how I made it into the finals for Best Humor Blog? Apparently I must be doing something right with this blog because I ended up as a finalist, again, for this year’s Humor category!

Anyway, I’m really not expecting to win again this year. Have you seen those blogs I’m up against? They’re good. Just look at Gagong Kasabihan, Kwentong Barbero, The Professional Heckler (who won last year’s Humor category) and The Googly Gooeys.

I’m just glad to be included in that list of great blogs. So to the judges of this year’s PBA, thank you. Here, have a picture of the famous Filipino P-Pop boyband 1:43 as art. I call this piece “Drowning In Semen.”


Anyway, see you all tomorrow at the C.P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza!