Home Comics Watch the First Season of ‘Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles’ Here

Watch the First Season of ‘Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles’ Here

Bruce Timm is back with Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

I haven’t been shy about my dislike of the quality of DC’s animated movies since Bruce Timm left. With movies like Justice League: War, it was easy to dismiss DC’s animated efforts as going downhill, despite occasional bright spots like Batman Vs. Robin.

Imagine my surprise when it was announced that Bruce Timm is coming back to do one more Justice League movie. The hype train was on full blast, even though he’s not returning to the DC Animated Universe that we know and love and miss.

He does, however, have Justice League: Gods and Monsters, a really dark interpretation of our favorite superheroes.

To lead up to the movie, DC and Machinima have debuted a series of shorts introducing the new Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and the world they inhabit. I don’t care if this is an alternate universe, or if this is a dark and grim universe. I’m just happy to see the classic Bruce Timm art style again.


Check out the three episodes of Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles:




So there you have it – we have this universe’s trinity – Kirk Langstrom as Batman, Son of Zod as Superman, and Bekka as Wonder Woman. I’ll admit that the Wonder Woman short was my favorite – it recalled the humor from the original Justice League cartoons while showing that she does not shy away from killing, unlike her main universe counterpart. The Batman short, with body parts strewn all about and violence was abundant for shock value, was my least favorite. It basically highlights exactly what I didn’t like about DC since the New 52 reboot. The Superman short felt like a rehash of the controversial Man of Steel ending, but Bruce Timm handles the same elements – massive destruction, abandoning civilians in danger, and Superman killing – with way more subtlety and success than its movie counterpart.

Are you hyped for Justice League: Gods and Monsters? What do you think of the three Chronicles videos teasing the full movie?

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