How to Improve The “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer

There’s just so much gloom and doom in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer (you know, the one that was leaked) that I could not muster an ounce of joy seeing two of my favorite superheroes finally battling it out on the big screen. In fact, it makes the similarly gloomy Fantastic Four reboot trailer fun by comparison.

So how do we improve Batman v Superman and make things fun again? Get Batman’s song from The Lego Movie and slap it onto the trailer. Surprisingly, it fits. So here you go. Enjoy Batman v Superman: Darkness, No Parents.

Anyway, if you’re still excited over Batman v Superman, here are two new posters. And I honestly think these two new posters are cool.

Batman v Superman will come to theaters all grim and broody March next year.

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