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Globe Tatt Awards: Who Deserves To Win?

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Noisy, Noisy Man: Bringing You The Latest And Greatest 1:43 News Everyday!

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An Exclusive Interview with Manny Pacquiao’s Hair

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‘Merry Christmas Na’ by 1:43, Review

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Time Travel With Ade: A Terrifying Vision of the Future if the RH Bill Becomes Law

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A Comparative Review of Freshman Masculine Wash and PENI Fresh Male Organ Wash Soap

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I had a KFC Double Down. And it is glorious.

Down The Highway, Featured Post

Down The Highway: An Advice Column for Emos 13

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Movie Review: Avatar

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Inner Child Therapy: New Year's Resolutions 2010

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A Series of Questions Sent To Somebody’s During a Drunken Haze.

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Watching the Leonid Meteor Shower

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Ade's Christmas Wish List 2009!

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Facebook Quizzes That Should Never See The Light Of Day

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