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When you’ve had a blog for a while, you’ve been sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world and of course it’s gonna be expected that when you get a bunch of regular readers you’d all be thinking on the same wavelength sooner or later. I’m sure that we have already that kind of relationship, dear loyal reader.

So I’m not gonna waste any words on this entry. I’m just gonna show you a picture of a pack of hotdogs I found the other day. The company took a novel approach to the sausage packaging: they actually named the hotdogs after a celebrity endorser and actually put his picture on the packaging:

Sam. Milby. Hotdog.
Check out that Sam Milby Hotdog

I’ll get back to you later.

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  1. OMFG! Is that for real? And what's with the frickin' huge headphones? That is so gay!

    I guess I just have to see for myself. *scampers off to the nearest suking tindahan*

  2. [Comment ID #2389 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well, you can now tell the world that you "ate Sam Milby's hotdog."

  3. ahaha.. totoo ba ito? haha

    woot theyre selling sam milby's jumbo hotdog.. lol

  4. I want one! LOL!

  5. prettyLHAEfot Avatar

    omigosh..:) hotdog with headphones… i think he's better stay with close-up commercials and stay out from selling dogs… -ehem… hotsogs… -ehem… whatever!!! hahahahaha =)

  6. hahahaha, that is so retarded 😛

  7. What the hell?

    Sam's hotdog is for sale?

    And for how much? And hey, they're JUMBO!

  8. [Comment ID #2391 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I assure you that is for real. I took teh pic meself.

    [Comment ID #2392 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And what'll you do with Sam Milby's, erm, hotdog?

    [Comment ID #2393 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Actually, I enjoyed this marketing blunder. I sure hope somebody got fired for this.

    [Comment ID #2394 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The gay thing about this is that those hotdogs are actually good.

    [Comment ID #2395 Will Be Quoted Here]

    But wait, there's more! DOn't forget, it's ALL-MEAT!

  9. [Comment ID #2390 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You can say that again. Pfft.

  10. i'm sure sam's hotdog is actually a vienna sausage. that's why he directs your attention to the huge headphones.

  11. [Comment ID #2404 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hotdog, hotdog pa kasi, eh, longaniza lang pala! Hehehe

  12. Now that's something new. It used to be Jollibee, a vitamin he endorsed. Now, those hotdogs. If this product is actually present, geez, should have done away with the huge headphones. Perhaps the hotdog on the bun be appropriately placed in the real anatomical position. That way, they will stimulate the public more. Now let's see, did I use the right words?

  13. who is he? imho, the headphones make his head look like a giant penis with minute balls! 🙁

  14. Hmmm but huge headphones are actually a trend here in Europe aside from the Ipod look. I saw alot especially in Paris.

  15. [Comment ID #2406 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You sure did.

    [Comment ID #2408 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That's just part of the subliminal imaging found on this product. They're selling SAM MILBY'S JUMBO ALL-MEAT HOTDOG, for CHRISSAKES!!!

    [Comment ID #2409 Will Be Quoted Here]

    They're actually also a trend here, but it's not really that big. And it's part of the product's subliminal imaging.

  16. Haha. Sam Milby's hotdog. And it's Jumbo!

  17. Hey, atleast they're all meat…

  18. ang phallic naman yan. nakakasuka.

  19. His unconscious is telling him something! And that hotdog is a phallic symbol! I've just come aross this blog entry in the making of Sam's All Meat Hotdog! It's fiction anyway, but it'll give a good laugh!

  20. that is sooo lame! it's so obvious that they're trying to ride on Sam Milby's popularity. i'm sure the eX-Men are having the time of their life buying these from the grocery stores and later on brag about having Sam's JUMBO hotdog. hehe.

  21. You took a photo of a hotdog wrapper? With Sam Milby's mug on it? Your face has the words "fanboi" written all over it young man!

    And check out who's been droppin' by my tagboard! =)

  22. Smart, Ade. You got your commenters to write your blog post for you. :p

  23. i have yet to eat Sam's hotdog….lolz….im so showbiz! ahahaha

  24. zomg hahaha lmao….that is THE funniest thing i have seen in days!!i saw the picture first before I read the text and well, what can i say.a picture of sam milby jumbo hotdogs is enough to paint a thousand awful words. omg. i really can't stop laughing.i have to make a mental note:stop by supermarket tomorrow and check out sam's all meat hotdogs.

  25. Tsk.. just to prove, how pinoys would do everything..just to increase their sales. Inventing and experimenting all possible ways of stategic marketing..( yun nga ba matatawag mo jan)..

    Haay.. Ang mga Pinoy nga naman talaga

  26. First, I'm back!!

    Second, OMG, why didn't I see that while I was in the Philippines? On second thoughts, I think it's better I didn't see that. Hahahaha. He's becoming over-exposed.

  27. How different is that approach from Dark Spear? *snicker* hehe

  28. [Comment ID #3019 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Waittasec… how'd you find DarkSpear?

  29. *Thinks of conspiracy theories to make one paranoid*

    nah, it was linked in one of your more popular posts.

  30. Because I love The Man Blog and all the idiots that run it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcEy4_nwTDU&mo

  31. Thegreatest Avatar

    And the latest news today:

    Authorities are investigating the sudden rash of hotdog related food poisoning in the Metro Manila area. Doctors are at a loss to explain the sharp spike in the consumption of hotdogs, leading some men to be hospitalized with severe stomach pain, apparently from the ingestion of several packs of hotdogs. When questioned, some of the victims only had this to say,

    "Aba badaf! Ito lang masasabi koh! Hindi kami mabusog sa HOTDOG ni SAM! Chura nya!"

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