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With InstaDoom’s Instagram Filters and Selfie Stick, Doom is Finally Complete

I’m not much of a gamer. But I used to play games a lot when I was a kid, and that was when I realized that, like so many things in life, I suck at them. However, there was one game I went back to all the time, and it is Doom.

Yes, I spent countless hours playing Doom. From completing the missions and having impromptu LAN parties when in computer class when our teacher is out sick, to installing on my first smartphone, I have fond memories of walking around the halls of Mars, blasting away at various demons. It formed much of my childhood. Which explains a lot, actually.

I never thought I would want to play Doom through one of 32 Instagram filters and a selfie stick.

InstaDoom makes that dream come through, though. According to the developer:

There have been various attempts over the years to “improve” the Doom palette. While these attempts had various goals, and succeeded to various degrees, one question remains: did the authors get paid billions of dollars for recoloring pictures? No? Then their attempts were objectively inferior to one group of people who did!

That’s right, now you can play Doom with any one of no less than 37 real Instagram filters, all painstakingly recreated in the Doom engine! Memento Mori with Mayfair! Requiem with Rise! Icarus with Inkwell! Alien Vendetta with Aden or Valencia!

I have yet to install Doom and this mod on my computer, but the screenshots look fantastic:

InstaDoom Filters

It even comes with a selfie stick mode so you can share your slaughter with your friends:

InstaDoom Selfie

If you are anything like me, you’d know that this is the Doom we have all been waiting 22 years for. Screw Doom 4. InstaDoom is the real thing.

You can download InstaDoom here, along with instructions on how to install this mod.


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