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An Open Letter to my Brain

Dear Brain,

How are you? It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve last heard from you, and frankly, I don’t know what you’ve been up to. I need your help, old friend. You see, I’m having trouble updating this blog of mine for some time now, because you’re not cooperating. I’ve been asking you for ideas for some time now. But all you’ve been giving me are mediocre ideas that I can’t even expound on. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine “The Awesomeness of Judi Dench’s Wrinkles” making anybody laugh.

Why can’t you come up with those awesome stuff that we used to make just a few months ago? We used to be an awesome duo. I just look at some totally gross picture, and then your gears start running and then we come up with the awesomest blog entries evar. Why have you abandoned me? I never failed in fulfilling my obligations to you: I get enough sleep, I eat nutritious food, I read all the smut, I mean, scientific journals that I can get my hands on to keep you informed. What more can you ask for? All I’m asking is that you just get back to your old self and be awesome again.

So brain, I hope that you hear my impassioned plea and that you also help me out here. Thanks.


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14 responses

  1. Aww you poor Noisy Noisy Man. 🙁 I have the opposite problem; I have lots of events I'd like to write about. Unfortunately, it's too close to the time the events happened and the people concerned may be reading, so… 🙁

  2. Tsk tsk tsk. This is certainly another way to fight blogger's block.

    Anyways, you probably need to see more of Chuck Norris or David Hasselhoff, even try to listen to Barbara Streisand. 😉 hehehe

  3. watch porn…

  4. i find that my more interesting posts are ideas which just come out of the blue. i find that if i try to blog something (in other words, if i force myself to blog something), it doesn't end up as interesting. i'd say just don't think about it. let the ideas come to you. 😉 that's my experience anyway.

  5. Wow! Ade has a brain. I thought you smashed on a wall when you were still young?

  6. Hey! Just dropping by.

    Same here. My brain used to be my ever loyal buddy during my Xanga days. But now, I have to force things out to make it working.

    Brains get tired, too! Maybe your brain needs some rest. Hehe.

  7. Today is your lucky day, Noisy man! I got first-class refurbished brains on sale right here. Msg me if you're interested.

  8. i totally understand what you mean in ur post. haha!

  9. This is Ade without the help of teh brain? Get out! 🙂

  10. Whenever I'm having blogger's block, Ade, I turn towards my ultimate blogger's block solution. Now listen closely as this will solve all your problems. Ready? Here goes:

    Absolutely nothing.

    That help?

  11. haha! Wil is so right. more often than not, it's the random thoughts that extract the best creative juices.. 🙂

  12. Nah, it's alright. I would very much prefer entries with substance to mindless posts everyday. 😉

  13. Hello!

    I've already added you to my links. 🙂

  14. oh no, the dreaded "blogger's block". i also get this once in a while and it really sucks when it happens. i'm sure sooner or later you'll have it back and make an excellent post. as of now, we'll just patiently wait for it. 🙂

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