The Hungarian ‘Star Wars’ Posters Show a Twisted Interpretation of the Original Trilogy

Let’s say you’re an artist in Hungary specializing in movie posters. You were approached by one of your clients and told you to make a poster for this strange new movie set in outer space, and aside from a couple of production stills, gave you nothing else.

That should be a recipe for disaster, right? Not for Tibor Helényi, who made these fantastic posters for the original Star Wars trilogy. In fact, because he picked the strangest and most outlandish elements of the original trilogy to put in his posters, somehow it advertised that Star Wars is about Darth Vader and Greedo.

And to be perfectly honest with you, I’m ok with a movie trilogy of Darth Vader and Greedo on a road trip to remove the Empire of evil.

Not convinced? Check out the Hungarian Star Wars posters below:

Star Wars

Looks like Darth Vader chopped off R2D2’s head and used it for a shoulder pad. That’s stone cold.

The Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

Anyway, that’s it. Happy May 4th, you guys.

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