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‘GoatZ’ is the Zombie Survival Game That Nobody Asked For

Yes, GoatZ – aside from being a play on that other zombie survival game called DayZ – sounds like Goatse, that charming picture of a man showing the lengths he would stretch his love for his wife. If you don’t know what that is, you need to Google it. I’ll wait.

UPDATE: GoatZ is out! Check out the Android version here and here.


Also, if you haven’t heard of Goat Simulator by now, I am so ashamed of you. Go check it out. As in now. It’s basically a game where a goat is given free rein to run and wreak havoc through a town. However, the game is purposely made to be so buggy that the physics is all screwed up. The goat licks a guy, and using its tongue, drags said guy to the middle of town, and uses him to beat up a car. The car explodes.

It’s fantastic.

Coffee Stain Studios, the mad geniuses behind one of the most important games of our time, has decided to release a new content pack for Goat Simulator called GoatZ. If you haven’t guessed it already, it’s a zombie survival game in the vein of DayZ. Imagine surviving in a zombie apocalypse, running around as a goat, while everything is glitchy and buggy as fuck.

Are you not excited yet?!

Check out the official feature list:

  • Mandatory crafting system because everyone else is doing it
  • Zombies that bug out. There’s a pun here about actual living bugs, but we’re not going to bother
  • You can craft anything in the world, as long as it’s one of the half dozen weapons in the game
  • Zombies, because this is a zombie game, remember?
  • A pretty big new map with some stuff in it
  • Completely realistic survival mode where you have to eat every damn five minutes to survive because Dean Hall & Garry Newman said so


GoatZ is coming out on May 7th on Steam as a DLC for the Windows, Linux, and Mac versions. The iOS and Android versions will have their own apps, separate from the main Goat Simulator game. All of the GoatZ releases will cost $4.99, and is probably not worth it, but I know that you’ll pay for it anyway. Because glitchy goat is love. Glitchy goat is life.

Get the original Goat Simulator for PC here, the Android version here, and play it on iOS here.

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