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Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song [Review]

After an awesome season, the mystery of the Doctor’s death in Lake Silencio, Utah has been finally solved. And boy, it was a ride. We’ve all followed this story with much gusto, and now we’ve come to the end, I find how the Doctor managed to escape his demise a bit… underwhelming.

I actually found the use of the [SPOILER] Tessalecta as a way for the Doctor to escape death brilliant, and the use of the Ganger for the entire season as a red herring was a great misdirect. Too bad the reveal and the whole pacing of the episode was off. It didn’t have the huge emotional impact of the last season’s finale, and that part disappointed me big time.

It’s not so bad though. The Silence, after the events of The Day of the Moon, were once again a credible threat not just for our favorite TARDIS crew but also for humanity as a whole. Moffat once again crammed all his signature crazy ideas in the script, and every single one of them worked.

Anyway, enough rambling: read my full review of The Wedding of River Song over on Geekout!

What did you think of the Doctor Who series 6 finale?

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