‘Doctor Who’ Series 9 Trailer Revealed

Check out Peter Capaldi's glorious mane, guys.

The BBC just released the trailer for the upcoming series 9 of Doctor Who, and I am blown away.

I personally thought Doctor Who series 8 was fantastic – even Stephen Moffat’s strongest season, honestly – and I am very excited to see where he’ll take Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor. I loved the darkness and gothic horror overtones of the last series, and it seems that series 9 is going to take all that and turn it all the way up to 11.

Anyway, here’s the Doctor Who series 9 trailer:

Seriously, how fantastic was that? The cinematography and special effects are top notch, and I honestly can’t believe that Doctor Who a show that used to revel in its terrible special effects, is honestly stepping up in that department.

There’s also Maisie Williams, and even though the Doctor recognizing her character seemed to be the trailer’s biggest reveal, I think it’s just going to be later on in the episode – this is just a red herring, people. Stop it with the “she is Susan/Omega/Jenny/Jack Harkness” theories. Although if she turns out to be Romana I will be so happy.

Doctor Who Deal With It Gif

Either way, I’m very excited for Doctor Who series 9. Who won’t be excited to see the Doctor rock out?

The only way this could get better is to get Craig Ferguson to play on drums.

The only way this could get better is if Craig Ferguson was on drums.

I’m so excited. My body is ready. September 19, come sooner!

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