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Cory Aquino: 1933-2009

I don’t mean to add to the noise, but posting a retarded entry (I’ve got one written actually) just feels so improper. I’ll just pay my respects for one of the most awesome Filipinos to have ever walked the earth.

Cory Aquino
Photo from PCIJ

I want to write a rambling entry about one of my earliest memories from the first EDSA Revolt. I just don’t know how to begin. So let me just say this: the very fact that we have the freedom to post practically whatever we want in these here weblogs stem from this little thing she inspired called ‘People Power.’ And that’s awesome.

Rest in peace, Cory Aquino. You’ve done well. An entire nation is grateful.

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  1. Mother of Philippine democracy.

    Tita Cory go to Tito Ninoy, he's waiting for you in heaven.


  2. I was in grade 4 when People Power happened. I can remember the tanks and the soldiers and the prayers. Our school was in the middle of Edsa and at the center of all the chaos. I was too young to completely understand why we were giving flowers to the soldiers but I fully comprehend it now. Goodbye and Thank you Pres. Cory.

  3. sana buhay pa rin ang cory jokes. kahit wala na si tita cory

  4. galit kaya siya kay willie?

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