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Rock Your Socks Off!

I was waiting for the video to be uploaded by my bandmate before I write this entry, but then I guess I have to write about this already since it’s been five days. Goddammit Perf, upload that shit already!

“ZOMG BASS GUITAR! Waht do I do with thies theng again? Lolzies”

Anyway, I’ve been making noise about my band and our gig this 31st. In fact, because of this gig I missed the i.PH meetup and The Philippine Blog Awards. In lieu of rubbing elbows with hot and awesome bloggers, I was stuck in a smoke-filled bar with r0kkerzZzZ m/ and Marikina Orcs.

So that sucked. Especially when those people who promised me they’d show up and throw panties at my face when I get on stage made an awesome non-appearance.

So the place was infested with Marikina Orcs and all that. So we were expecting a load of ugly music coming up. Imagine our surprise when one by one, the bands came up and played AWESOME! They were MUTANTS! I didn’t know you can actually play a bass guitar by slamming a C2 bottle against it. And one bassist did that. Oh, he also set his bass down on the floor and played it like a piano. Also, that was just the FIRST band. So I like fainted and shit.

So when I came to, I saw that our vocalist (who dreams of becoming a rock star. Like me.) palpitating. And we were up next.

Anyway, we weren’t as good as the other bands. But we played awesomely. And we actually won second place. I know, I can’t believe it myself.

Anyway, photos are here. If you can’t see them, you have to add me up on Multiply first.

And since I don’t have a copy of the video, let me give you something similar to our performance to tide you over:

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  1. ROCKSTAR!!!!! Marry me!!!

    My friends were skurred of them Marikina Orcs, that's why we didn't go. But hey! I tried my hand on drunk half-assed DJ-ing and I didn't break the needle! So I don't lose at life!

  2. playing at marikina always scare me. good to know you came out of there ALIVE! hehehe.

  3. Your awesomeness,

    What's with Marikina?


    your rabid fan

  4. [quote comment="31736"]Your awesomeness,

    What's with Marikina?


    your rabid fan[/quote]

    Orcs. And Mutants!

  5. marikina orcs! 😆 known for their stupendous-i-don't-give-a-shit-what-happens-to-me-or-the-person-beside-me-in-a-concert-slash-gig attitude. SLAM DANCE TAYO SHET! lol

  6. Aw Ade, you're close in your rockstar dreams! 😀

    Hehe. Congratulations sa band niyo.

  7. Rock On, Ade. I thought you just bought shoes at Marikina. Goood thing, you won second place.

    WTF is that youtube video!?

  8. we from the queen city do not get what is whizem marikina orcs. are they the same as makati orcs? pasay orcs?

  9. [quote comment="32086"]we from the queen city do not get what is whizem marikina orcs. are they the same as makati orcs? pasay orcs?[/quote]

    Makati does not have orcs. They have cofibean. Pasay doesn't have orcs as well. they have, erm, Pee Wee Trinidad.

  10. Hey, I love that bass guitar! I think you're pretty blessed I lived far away. It takes one stalker away from you! Haha!

  11. aha! so you're a bassist too? That's one gorgeous 5 string you got there. fender or ibanez?

  12. [quote comment="36897"]aha! so you're a bassist too? That's one gorgeous 5 string you got there. fender or ibanez?[/quote]

    Washburn. But it's not mine. Borrowed it from somebody. My 4-string Squire died on me many years ago and I still can't afford to buy me a new one.

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