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Hi, I’m Ade, and You Can Watch Me Suck at Video Games Live

Stream on Twitch with your Nintendo Switch for cheap. Yes, it’s possible, and I’ve scoured Lazada and Shopee for weeks for your pleasure.

I’m trying out this newfangled thing that the kids are doing nowadays: Twitch streaming on with Nintendo Switch! So I may have the social and motor skills of a tortoise drunk way over the legal limit, but I still decided to go for it.

Here’s my glorious Streaming Station:

I know it’s not much, but I have a stable job and I have no plans of making streaming a full-time thing. So I got to work on streaming my Nintendo Switch games with the cheapest possible shit available to me, because I already spent prohibitive amounts of money into my gaming backlog and I want to be able to afford to eat somehow.

Gear? Gear. Here’s My Gear.

Capture Card: ezcap 261

Living true to my cheapskate nature, I have opted for the most value-laden capture card I could get my hands on. The quality isn’t the best, really, if you want a frame-by-frame analysis of this thing. But if you want an affordable way to get started, you can easily get 1080p 30 FPS here. And if we’re being honest, that’s way more than anyone needs if they’re streaming on Philippine internet speeds.

PC: Acer Nitro 5 (2018)

Not gonna lie: I think this was an utter waste of money. I could’ve gotten a regular laptop with Ryzen 5 and their Vega APUs for a lot cheaper and I’d be just fine. But no, I had to blow cash on a laptop with an utterly outdated graphics card (RX 560X in 2019!) that didn’t work AT ALL until three driver updates later within six months. The most I can play on it is a highly-downgraded game of Apex Legends, and I will not shame myself any further into exposing my horrible Battle Royale skills on stream.

Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster S22B310

This is an old monitor I bought from the office when they were liquidating their hardware surplus. It’s at least 5 years old at this point, doesn’t go beyond 60 FPS, is horribly not color accurate, has no audio out, and its most modern peripheral is a DVI port. Basically, it’s a monitor suited for most office work, but not for gaming or any content creation.

I couldn’t get the capture card to work with this monitor, no matter what HDMI adapters I used on it.

Thankfully, with the next piece of gear I had, I was able to get this monitor into accepting the capture card.

Vention Powered HDMI Switch

Since I didn’t want to end up constantly plugging and unplugging cables off the back of my monitor when I switch between devices, I used this HDMI switcher that I’ve had on me for a while now. It also had the freak result of tricking the old Syncmaster into accepting an HDMI signal. Now I didn’t have to move the Switch all the way from the TV, because I also have the next item.

Some Generic Powered HDMI Splitter

I don’t want to destroy my Switch and/or TV’s HDMI ports by constantly removing and returning cables, so I got this splitter. Now I can choose to play on my desk or on the TV whenever I choose, without moving the Switch’s dock.

Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Mic

Because I don’t want my audio to make your ears bleed, I actually got a nice cheap lavalier mic. It also came with a crash course on audio balancing and filtering, and I spent a couple of hours making sure that my audio isn’t set in a way that’ll make your ears bleed.

Samson SR850

Before I got into gaming, I used to drop ungodly amounts of money on headphones. The Samson SR850 is also the cheapest and newest monitoring headphones I have. Turns out, these are also great for gaming, as they’re open back, and they give you a very wide soundstage.

UGreen Soundcard

Here’s the thing when you plug your mic directly to your motherboard: motherboards are noisy. There’s static and lots of noise that they’ll pick up when you’re not careful. So I got the cheapest USB soundcard I could get my hands on. My audio definitely sounds better now, but I think a full mixing rack might do wonders.

Here’s Where You Can Watch Me Suck At Video Games

Watch live video from AdeMagnaye on www.twitch.tv

I mostly stream in two places: Twitch and Facebook.

I don’t know where to spend the most of my stream time, but hey, feel free to follow me on both channels, so you can get notified if I go online!

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