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‘Morphies Law’ for Nintendo Switch is now Remorphed, With Steam Crossplay!

Morphies Law Remorphed on the Nintendo Switch proves that size matters on the battleground.

Morphies Law by Cosmoscope GmbH was one of the higher-profile Nintendo Switch indie exclusives of last year. A colorful team-based shooter where your limbs grow and shrink depending on your performance, it promised a wild and crazy time for Nintendo Switch owners hoping to scratch that shooter itch outside of Splatoon 2.

Now, Morphies Law is back, is now on Steam, and is and crazier than ever with the Remorphed update!

Here, have a trailer.

It’s now on PC, too!

If you’re on PC and you’re feeling left out, don’t worry! Morphies Law is now on Steam as well. You’re going to get all of the changes available in the Remorphed version, plus crossplay between Steam and Switch!

In fact, the PC version lets you try out the game via the Fartnight demo. It lets you unlock the features you want from the full game and leave the others behind. This revolutionary new model let players unlock Morphies Law piecemeal as they try it out. You can play almost everything for free but there’s a catch: after 30 minutes the games’ sounds will get swapped with a playful, flatulent audio. Tokens can be purchased that restore the original sounds and other features until every feature in the full game is available.

Remorphed Comes With More

With the Remorphed version, players will be treated at launch to eight maps, four modes and seventy seven weapon combinations, and a wide overhaul of powers to all versions of the game.

The servers have also been updated to handle over 50,000 concurrent players with hubs located all around the world. Quite a few features have also been added like extra customization categories and a Morphie View that lets you check them out in detail after a match. In the Musical Lobby between matches, players can even select an instrument to rock out with, adding even more personality to their custom Morphie.

So, what do you get out of Morphies Law?

  • Morphing robots: the Morphies have 8 body parts that grow and shrink individually, and each body part has a direct effect on your actions.
  • Plugins for your body: each body part has a unique Plugin to help you change your strategy. Unlock new Plugins to create new strategies!
  • Make your own weapons: you can unlock weapon parts and combine them at will to make the perfect weapon for you! There are 77 possible weapon combinations!
  • Unique game modes: 4 mass-based game modes with different goals but with one thing in common: size always matters more than kills!
  • Maps with unique features: each of the 8 maps has a unique mass-related feature that’ll make it different from the rest!
  • Customize your Morphie: make your Morphie truly unique! You can choose from premade options, make your own custom ones and much more!

We’re going to play it on my Twitch and Facebook Gaming Channels, and on What’s A Geek as well. Wait for it!

You can get Morphies Law on the Nintendo Switch eShop and on Steam.

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