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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Friend (Who May or May Not Be Named Ade)

Another year is just about done and Christmas is around the corner! It’s the season of Jose Mari Chan, 1:43, and crass commercialism in the form of giving everyone you know gifts. Even if you barely know or dislike the person, now is your chance to fake affection by buying small tokens for Christmas!

And my dear readers, this is how you fake your affection for your geeky friends who may or may not be named Ade. Spend your hard-earned cash for that friend, like right now.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Real talk: I’ve never been much of a gamer. I never even owned one of those Famicoms back in the day. I did spend hours hanging out at neighbor’s homes and playing Super Mario Bros. and Contra. I want the NES Classic Edition because I want to relive those times my friends would just absolutely wipe the floor with my abysmal gaming skills. Now if I can only find one of these things because they are sold out.

Beatles Yellow Submarine Lego


I don’t even think I need to explain this. LEGO. Beatles. Yellow Submarine. Come to me, you beautiful thing. Come to me.

Mee Audio Pinnacle P1


What can I say? I love gear. And most importantly, I love me a good pair of headphones. This is a nice set of in-ears for a reasonable price.  (I mean reasonable within audio standards. Loads of overpriced shit out there.) Look at how beautiful this thing is. Don’t tell me you don’t want to stuff that thing in your ears now.

I just made it weird, didn’t I? Okay, moving on…

Microsoft Surface Book i7


I am badly in need of a new laptop. I bought an ASUS Transformer T100 a couple of years back, hoping that it’ll be good enough for my needs, since all I do with my time is to watch movies, browse Facebook, shitpost on Reddit, and write the occasional update on this blog and on What’s A Geek. I’ve been going through a lot of shopping sites’ tech sections, but I doubt anything beats the Surface Book. Sure, I don’t think I’ll ever need a computer with an i7 processor, and I can get any mid-range laptop out there and it’ll let me do everything I need just fine, but where’s the fun in that? The Surface Book is fantastic, and it’ll be a great $2,400+++ Facebook, Reddit, online shopping, and porn Netflix machine.

Nintendo Switch


Sure, this won’t come out until March next year, but it won’t stop me from wanting this thing this early. I don’t know what Nintendo is really going for with the Switch, but look at that. You can play Skyrim on the go! And maybe, just maybe, they’ll finally have better support for games that aren’t made and/or published by Nintendo! And maybe battery life won’t be shit, right? Right?

In case those gifts are turn out to be too expensive, your friend who may or may not be named Ade has a job and can buy those things himself. He’ll settle for a card, a beer, and a Christmas greeting.

What about you? What do you want for Christmas? Tell me about it by leaving a comment below!

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