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Ade’s Christmas Wishlist 2014

Oh look, it’s December! What do you want for Christmas? I’m pretty sure you have a great wishlist. But since we’re on the topic, how about you check out the things I want for Christmas?

Fender Jaguar Bass

I have a dream bass every year, and it changes a lot. This is this year’s dream bass, Seriously, look at that sexy beast. It’s either the Jaguar or this fantastic Rickenbacker that I still have not given up on owning.

Final Crisis by Grant Morrison

Crazy, rambling, and sometimes incoherent, Final Crisis is still my all-time favorite comic book event. Never had the chance to get my hands on a hardbound copy. And this is a fantastic comic, well worth the price.

Philips Wake-Up Light

I am not a morning person. Every little thing that’ll make me wake up early in the morning helps, and if it means having an alarm clock that’ll illuminate my room like it’s noon at 5 in the morning, so be it.

PlayStation 4

Because, come on, this one needs no explanation.

Dr. Martens Afflecks

I’ll be honest, I only want these because these are the ones Peter Capaldi wears for Doctor Who.

What do you want for Christmas again? Tell me about it in the comments!


  1. A co-working space near Trinoma or SM North.

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