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What's On My Mobile Game Playlist?

I haven’t been playing games as much as I used to, mainly because life caught up with me. I don’t have time beyond swiping out my phone in the middle of the commute and sneaking a peek at a game now and then. Yes, people, I have a life. Or maybe I sleep too much when I’m not working. I don’t know.

Anyway, here are some of the games on mobile I’ve been playing lately.

The Wolf Among Us

I don’t read Fables so I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I downloaded this game based on that comic. I got this because of the high praise episode one received, and because this is by Telltale Games , the studio that made one of my favorite games ever. Of course I had high hopes for The Wolf Among Us. I mean fairy tale characters being gritty and living in the real world. You play as the Big Bad Wolf. Come on.

So how did I find it? After a strong episode one, I felt episodes two and three just meandered off into some weird storytelling space where and lost all momentum. have absolutely no idea if I should download the rest of the game so I can finish the damn thing already.


Spaceteam is played differently than most mobile games – you get a bunch of your friends to install the app. Once you all have it, launch and sync up via wi-fi or bluetooth.  Then a bunch of commands will show up on your screen. These commands are for your team mates to carry out, though, so you all have to scream at each other or else your spaceship will crash.

Try playing it when you’re drunk. It gets better.

A Dark Room

So you’re in a dark and cold room. You have no idea why you’re there and why is it so dark and cold. All you know is that you have to light a fire. And it progresses from there. I can’t tell you more about this all-text game that I’m currently playing, but it’s extremely addictive and engrossing. Download the app or you can play the web version.

What about you – what are you playing? You should tell me all about it in the comments.

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