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TDK ST800 Review (Or the responsibility of taking care of stuff I don’t own)

For some reason, people think I’m a reliable person to entrust with their electronic equipment. And they’re even willing to lend me their expensive headphones for me to review. While this is an amazing thing (people never trust me with ANYTHING before, especially not their daughters) I am scared shitless of breaking stuff.

Which brings me to this review. I was sent a TDK ST800 HiFi headphone for review, and it’s a loaner, which makes it worse, because what if I break this shit? Entrusting me with your stuff: big responsibility for Ade, and it might make my head (and loins, but don’t quote me on that) explode.


Anyway, I did review it for, so you might as well go over on to that site and read my pseudo-expert review on these pretty nice cans. Clickety-click for my TDK ST800 review!

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