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I’m at work, and I’m battling a huge headache. I don’t even know what to write about anymore. It’s like everything in my brain just dried up and I’m left with nothing but unintelligible sounds bouncing back and forth between my two hemispheres. And wow, that was a pretentious way of saying I’m suffering from a motherfucking writer’s block. I don’t even know why I’m attempting to put out a half-assed entry when I’m not even in the mood to churn out anything, but heck, I’ve been working on this blog for ages now and this is like the worst possible time to give up on it, right? Right?

In lieu of an actual blog entry that actually makes sense, I’ll try to get a lot of shit out of my mind by unloading it all – in a list! Yay! – in this entry. Enjoy reading through my brainfarts.

… y’know, if you actually find that sort of thing enjoyable.

  • This headache feels like the time when Batman punched the shit out of that dog back in the Golden Age of comics.
  • Why is the goddamn internet at home so fucking stupid?! Dammit PLDT, get your fucking act together, I don’t like paying a lot for a dial-up service masquerading as DSL!
  • Tumblr is taking up way too much of my time. IDK, it’s too fun there.
  • My current camera looks like it’s about to fall apart. Maybe I should save up for a DSLR already and be one of those douchebag photographers who take pictures of tissues with blood on them because it’s fucking avant-garde.
  • I need a cheap DSLR. I don’t mind getting one a couple of models behind.
  • I want to take pictures of my friends stuffing their faces at Tapsi Ni Vivian.
  • I eat too much Tapsi Ni Vivian.
  • Tapsi Ni Vivian can be a euphemism for Vivian’s vajajay, if you think about it long and hard.
  • … Nnnnnnno, I don’t want to.
  • I wonder if Batman eats at Tapsi Ni Vivian.
  • Who the heck is Vivian anyway?
  • Jackie Rice. Yes, we need to think about her a lot.
  • I fucking need to exercise.
  • Masturbation is not exercise.
  • I hate dogs. Especially the ones my neighbors let loose every night so they can bite the shit out of those who go home late.
  • Fucking dogs.
  • I wonder who turned up the heat so I can punch his face.
  • El Nino? Who the hell is El Nino? Is his face punchable?
  • If I were Batman, I can punch El Nino.
  • I want a sammich.
  • Sasha Grey. Yes.
  • I think about Batman too much.

Okay, that’s… a bit too much for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to write something resembling a real blog entry one of these days.

4 responses

  1. Will is selling his DSLR. I dunno.

    Who the hell is Vivian and why haven't I tasted her tapsi?

    1. But Will's selling the entire set, and I just want the body and stock lens. IDK if he can sell the other accessories without the camera.

      1. Hey Ade, I would prefer if someone gets the whole package, but it really doesn't matter now. I can sell it separately. Send me a DM on TMB and let's talk about it there. Don't want to turn your blog into a pseudo-TPC negotiation message board. Heh.

  2. Dammit! I want to taste Vivian's tapsi too! I'd Batman-punch anyone who tries to get in my way. And you can take my photo with your DSLR while I'm doing it.

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