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RomCom! Attraction! Reaction!

So. How are you guys? I know I haven’t been updating this blog outside of the occasional band plug, work-related post, and review, but there isn’t much going on in my life at the moment. Well, there isn’t much that I can make fun of.

So, how about you just drop by at Route 196 9PM this Saturday, August 4? My band, RomCom, is playing at Attraction! Reaction! and I’m really excited, because we’ll be playing with great acts like Outerhope, Don’t Bogart The Can… Man! (one of the bands I used to play in and I’m excited to see them), Halik Ni Gringo, and more!

Also, see this great poster? The awesome Larry Cayco made this!

We’ll be playing original songs by the way, like “I Don’t Want To” –

“I Don’t Want To” video by 5-Foot Productions

And “My Favorite Movie” –

So, are we gonna see you this Saturday? Let’s drink and enjoy great music! Also, you can watch me get drunk and pass out on Katipunan.


RomCom’s debut EP, “It’s Tight Like Prom Night!” is still available, FOR FREE! Click here!

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  1. I don’t want to~ But I have to let you know~
    I don’t want to~ But I have to let you go~

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