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  • The Problem With Chris Chibnall’s ‘Doctor Who’ (Part 1)

    AUTHOR’S NOTE :This was written in 2019, after the first season of Chris Chibnall’s Doctor Who concluded. This was before The Timeless Child, the Fugitive Doctor, Flux, and all of Chibnall’s attempts to rewrite continuity for the sake of it. I’ll have a separate post about that. For now, this focuses on what I felt […]

  • Tech That Can Help Make Your Workouts More Fun and Efficient

    Technology has greatly improved all of our lives and the fitness world is no different. We’ve seen many different improvements and upgrades to fitness routines thanks to technology. It’s made it more accessible, we’re more informed than ever before, and there are ways to make working out more enjoyable which is perfect for people that […]

  • 5 Top Causes of a Slow PC or Apple Mac Computer

    There are many causes of a slow PC or other devices. Unfortunately, these can hinder your work and corrupt your data. Here’s an overview of some of the most common and what to do. Too Many Startup Items Startup items are programs that load when your operating system does. Whether on Windows, macOS, or Linux, […]

  • 10 Things That Are Much Cheaper Off-Season

    The time of year in which you choose to buy something can often affect the price. In many cases, if you’re looking to save money, you should consider when the demand is lowest. Things that people need in summer are often cheaper to buy in winter and vice versa. This post lists a few things […]

  • ‘DC Worlds Collide’ is now officially available in the Philippines!

    DC Worlds Collide, the officially licensed DC idle card game, will officially launch on Android and iOS devices on April 28 in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, along with a series of exciting updates.

  • SNK Big Bang Pro Wrestling is now on the Nintendo Switch!

    If you want muscle-bound wrestlers take the stage for a bombastic all-out brawl, just load up Big Bang Pro on your Nintendo Switch, and you’re in for a rockin’ good time! Easy controls allow you to pull off sick and devastating special moves from the push of a button.