Twitch Commands

Here are all the commands you can use on my Twitch channel at

  • !amen – A heavenly surprise
  • !bits – Show bit cheer rewards
  • !followage [username] – Check how long someone has been following the channel
  • !game – Show what I’m currently playing
  • !gear -Wanna know what I use on my stream?
  • !sneak – Do this during stealth sections
  • !horny – Call the Horny Police
  • !bonk – Another Horny Police command
  • !bastos – Yet another Horny Police command
  • !8ball [yes or no question] – Let the magic 8ball answer your questions
  • !lurk – If you just wanna lurk!
  • !quote – Pull up a random quote
  • !quote add [quote] (VIPs/Mods only) – If I say something stupid, just add it as a quote
  • !stepbro – Uhhhhhhh
  • F (VIPs/Subscribers/Mods only) – F’s in the chat
  • !tips – If you like what you’re seeing, feel free to send me a tip over on:
  • !youdied – That Dark Souls thing.