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What’s On My Gaming List? (Late 2018)

I may have gone overboard with my gaming purchases last year. I was caught up in the wave of hype and the desire to catch up on gaming has led me to make a few… financially unsound purchases. So for the rest of the year, I’m limiting myself to just six more big full-priced Nintendo Switch games because I have living and all the expenses that come with it to take care of. Also, my back hurts and my flat needs a sofa.

Thanks to Nintendo’s E3 presentation, I now know what games to get this year. Here they are!

Octopath Traveler

I’m a sucker for a good classic-style JRPG. Octopath Traveler ticks that old-school itch with 16-bit sprites put on top of a beautiful 3D background, something Square Enix calls HD-2D. I’ve played both demos so far, and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s something I don’t think I’ll be playing the Switch in docked mode in front of the TV, though. Despite the beautiful art style, this is something I’ll want to play with in handheld mode. I’m going to spend so many hours trying to finish all the eight main storylines, and this means taking the Switch everywhere.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

I’ve never played Monster Hunter. Not once. Now that I see a bunch of my friends completely going crazy over Monster Hunter World on their PS4s, I wanna see what I’m missing. However, MHW is obviously going to be too big to run properly on Nintendo’s portable hybrid. Thank goodness Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming out this August. Now I can grind and look for monsters to my heart’s content! And probably get frustrated at how user-unfriendly the UX is.

Dark Souls: Remastered

I’m still on the fence about this one. Dark Souls is a game notorious for its high level of difficulty, and as someone who’s taken a couple of breaks from the first Resident Evil Revelations because of some weird difficulty spikes, I’m not sure if I want to spend a good year of my life trying to traverse the hostile lands of Lordran, dying at every turn, and ultimately giving up halfway through.

Also, don’t tell me to git gud. I know I have terrible skills. And I’ll be playing it on a console that’ll give me a less-than-optimal experience.

So I’m excited to absolutely get wrecked at this game. Well, that is if the Switch port ever gets released. How about you git gud, From Software and Bandai Namco.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Along with every other Nintendo fan who had no other console or PC, we felt left out when Bandai Namco released this amazing fighting game on everything but the Switch. After a long and tortuous year, Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming, and we can now spam hadoukens at home and on the go!

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

This is a game I went from “giving absolutely no fucks about” to “holy shit I’m getting this on day one” in a matter of minutes. The buttery-smooth gameplay, the gorgeous landscapes and open-world space travel, and the inclusion of Star Fox content just sold me. Expect my flat to be filled to the brim with Starlink toys pretty soon.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

I mean, come on. This is Smash.

The character lineup is insane. Imagine all the work going into balancing all 65 characters. Sakurai finally giving in to the memes and giving us Ridley. A total and complete celebration of everything Super Smash Bros. The reintroduction of more technical gameplay. You bet I’m getting this day one so I can go online and get bodied by the Melee fanbase like there’s no tomorrow.

What about you? What games are you going to pick up for the second half of 2018? Leave a comment below and let’s talk!

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