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Marvel’s Daredevil Red Costume Leaked

UPDATE: The red suit is revealed.

After the last Daredevil motion poster gave us a glimpse – no matter how small – of the red Daredevil costume, we now have an idea how the red costume looks like, thanks to a redditor who apparently was just searching for Daredevil on Netflix.

As always, SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT so be warned.

So the lucky redditor searched for Daredevil, and guess what he saw:


Daredevil Red Costume Leak

If you need more proof that this is official, here’s a direct link to the image from the Netflix website the image is gone, and it now links to a generic poster featuring the Daredevil logo highlighted across Hell’s Kitchen.

Yes, that is our first real look at the red Daredevil costume. Not an official look, and I wish we could find a bigger image, but we could see that the red suit looks so different from the Ben Affleck Daredevil costume, thank goodness.

Ben Affleck Daredevil

Honestly, I’m not sure if I like it – his nose is covered, the red is too dark, and the material looks weird. But I’m saving my judgment until I see it in action, which may be for the last episode of the season. I also don’t think this is the final red costume. We’ll probably see it evolve more until we get something really close to the comic book costume.

Anyway, here’s a new motion poster for the upcoming Netflix show, which lands on April 10.

What do you think of the new Daredevil red costume? Do you think this is a big improvement over the Affleck costume? Let me hear your thoughts – you should leave a comment!

[H/T: What’s A Geek and MCU Exchange]

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