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The Daredevil Red Costume Reminds Me Of…

Sorry for the nth Daredevil post in a row, but the the Daredevil Twitter account finally revealed, via motion poster, the final Daredevil red costume for the upcoming Netflix series. This follows the leak of the red costume from earlier today, and I guess Marvel decided to just reveal the damn suit already.

Watch the video below for the reveal.

If you want a closer look, here you go:

Personally, I’m disappointed. This is not what I imagined Daredevil to look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I was hoping for something that’s just as makeshift as the black costume from the beginning of the series, only more padded and red. Oh well. I hope it looks better in action.

Also, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil looks a lot like Shaq’s Steel.

This doesn’t make me less excited for the Netflix series to come out, though.

What about you? What do you think of the new Daredevil red costume?

[H/T Superherohype]

4 responses

  1. I kinda prefer the black suit, but it may be just me.

    1. Me too. The red suit just doesn’t look right for a vigilante with limited resources, if you ask me.

      1. I managed to find the entire series in torrent yesterday! I’ll be watching it this weekend. *cross fingers*

        1. Currently writing a review! Hope you enjoy Daredevil as much as I did!

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