I'll Be Texting Everyone Non-Stop Tomorrow, Thanks to Globe SUPERUNLIALLTXT25

As a guy who loves bugging people whenever I am online (replies usually range from “SHUT UP, ADE” to “COOL PLEASE TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE INTRICACIES OF THE IMPACT OF THE YELLOW OVAL ON BATMAN’S SUIT ON THE 1960’S COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY – NO, I MEAN STOP BUGGING ME”), I get a massive feeling of withdrawal whenever I’m offline and have no access to Yahoo! Messenger.

So imagine how awesomed out I was when I heard that I can now text all my non-Globe subcriber friends starting tomorrow with Globe Prepaid’s SUPERUNLIALLTXT25 promo! So I get a day of free unlimited texting to all networks, plus 1 hour mobile internet! What a deal! All I have to do is to text UALL25 to 8888!

Prepare your phone inboxes. I’ll be bugging you starting tomorrow.

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  1. I think I'll get you drunk again, to see what you'll end up texting.

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