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I Wrote A Few Things…

… for What’s A Geek.

I know I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I used to, but it’s because I’m pretty busy with my day job and What’s A Geek. If you remember Comicgasm, What’s A Geek is pretty much like that but it contains actual well-written content as opposed to me and RJ screaming at comics. We also cover a wider range of geekdom – movies, food, video games, comics, tabletop gaming, you name it. And it’s made up of a bunch of passionate geeks – in terms of geek cred alone I’m pretty outmatched.

It’s a pretty fun bunch led by Earl, and we actually have writing workshops. I know, me teaching a bunch of people how to write or how to do SEO is a terrifying thing. As with Comicgasm, you can blame RJ for putting me there.

Anyway, I’ve recently written a couple of things for What’s A Geek! Here they are:

Captain America: Civil War memes

The Best Photoshops of That Picture of The Falcon and Winter Soldier Running After Something – Falcon and the Winter Soldier are running in that very vague teaser image for Captain America: Civil War. What does it mean?

Heneral Luna review

‘Heneral Luna’ Review: An Uncompromising Look At A Larger-Than-Life Hero – A review of the fantastic Heneral Luna, directed by Jerrold Tarog. This is where I try to write something that isn’t riddled with dick jokes, and actually (barely) succeed.

Anyway, that’s it for now. To make up for the lack of content, please enjoy this picture of Doctor Doom threatening someone with his fists of pleasure.

Doom's Fist of Pleasure

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