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Happy Valentine's Day, RomCom

Hello everyone! I am taking a break from not posting updates on this blog to greet you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t ask me how mine went – it’s pretty much uneventful and all. I know I was all about finding love and shawarma this 2012. But I guess that’s kind of asking too much. It’s easier to play bingo online for cash and win. Oh well, that’s Valentine’s 2012 for you. Tell me if you’ve hit bingo with your love lives this year, alright? Maybe a couple of my readers are living in a romantic comedy already. I dunno.

Speaking of romantic comedies, I’m posting here because I want you all to listen to and appreciate my new band, RomCom (see what I did there?) I have no idea why we’re called that (ask Tin), but our mission is to make music that makes you feel like you’re in a John Lloyd Cruz movie. And this new band here is made up of internet people whom I’ve known for some time now – Tin, Larry, Marco, and Mon. And for a change, I’m playing for a band that does bubblegum pop. I know, I know. I just want to play something different, screw you, don’t judge me.


Anyway, the new band’s been together for less than a month, but we’re practicing our butts off. And I think it’s paid off, since we sound pretty decent for a newly formed band. In case you’re asking, yes, we have recordings. Not really professional-quality recordings, but bootlegs that sound pretty decent, considering I just put my phone in one corner of the studio and recorded the stuff we were doing.

And recordings, you say? I will force this stuff in your ears until you scream and beg that I stop! Here’s our covers of Perfect In My Mind by Gold Motel and Shook Down by Yuck:

Now, if you can be so kind as to like the RomCom on Facebook and to follow us on Tumblr, it would be great. Oh, we’re also going to play our first gig this February 23 at AMOS Cafe in Anonas! I’m honestly very excited for this. This is your chance to watch me get drunk and flub a couple of bass lines and run off the stage crying like a little girl while everybody else laughs and I get kicked out of the band. That would be cool.

Also, about the blog hiatus – really sorry for that. Here’s a video of Kate Upton dancing to make up for it.


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