Maybe I’ve been posting too much retarded stuff right now on the internet, but I’m suddenly looking forward to posting non-retarded stuff once in a while. There, there, don’t cry. If you’re looking for someone to make a fool of himself on the interwebs, you can still count on me. This blog is known as and will continue to be known as “Your Daily Dose of Retard” and I’ll continue to keep supplying you with that stupid juice you so crave.

If you need more convincing that I didn’t jump the shark, one of my first posts on this blog is also an album review, so shut up.

Throw out your misconceptions of jazz being ambient music for porn. They’re this one awesome jazz band that’ll blow your mind away.

Ok, most of you first encountered Sound on the overhyped and underwhelming album Kami nAPO Muna (Yes, I didn’t like that album. Four good tracks won’t make me buy the rest, which were watered-down uninspired reinditions of classics). And most people didn’t like their contribution to the album, Di Na Natuto, you know, that little-noticed and unfortunately much maligned track that I so love. No problem. I understand that they may be a little too over people’s heads. And some people just can’t listen to jazz.

The 29th of November saw the release of their sophomore effort, Blue Monsoon. I know, I know, the Sophomore Jinx is just around the corner so I was wary of buying this without any reviews coming out. Thank God I didn’t wait for the reviews. Let’s just say I just finished listening to this album and I’m still in shock because of the sheer amount of awesomeness it tried to cram into my head. It’s really hard to distinguish Blue Monsoon from the first album, maybe because they sound too much the same, and this is the album’s strength AND weakness. However, I feel that Blue Monsoon is the better album (and that’s saying a lot because bossaManila is hard to top. Seriously.)

A rundown of my favorite tracks from the album:

  • Bagong Siglo – Probably the best track of the bunch because of the sheer amount of energy put into the song. And the lyrics hit the nail on the head.
  • Maynila – A tribute of sorts to Hotdog’s “Manila”.
  • Let’s Get it Back – An instrumental. Wow. Just. Wow.
  • Turpentine – I was never a fan of Sound’s slow songs on their first album. But this is awesome.
  • Blue Monsoon – This ain’t the title track for nothing.
  • The Trouble With Me – This could easily top this list if it weren’t a filler track.
  • Madaling-Araw – A good waker-upper, because I am definitley not a morning person.
  • Di Na Natuto – An extra minute has been added for your orgasmic listening pleasure.

And the other awesome but not quite my favorite tracks on the album (which I definitely need to listen to more to appreciate them better) are:

  • War Elephant
  • Peligro
  • Maskarahan
  • Where to Go From Here
  • From A to B
  • Idlip
  • Blue (Reprise)

Final Verdict: Buy it.


BTW, if you have trouble finding a copy of Blue Monsoon, I got mine at Astroplus at Mall of Asia. You can also check their website out at and that is where I got the pictures for my post from. Also, they have sample mp3s there.

So what do you think?

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