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RomCom EP Coming Soon!

So, uh, is this thing on? Is anyone still here?

Hi everyone. Or whoever’s left of my blog readers. As you know, I usually have a nice introspective (HAH) post that I make every birthday, but at this point I really can’t get myself to write anything. You know I’ve struggled with this stupid writer’s block for years and it’s rather clear that my writing has taken a downward spiral in quality (QUALITY? WHAT QUALITY?).

Anyway, I know I’ve been talking about my new band, RomCom, a lot. Mainly because it’s my band and I think we’re doing a pretty good job. We’ve recently finished recording our EP, which we’ll release digitally soon. Not bad for a band that started last January, I say. I’m learning a lot from this band too. No, you won’t find me taking up beginner trumpet anytime soon (although that’s a sweet-looking trumpet, don’t you think?) but I’m planning on taking up and studying more instruments soon.

Anyway, here’s a small preview of the EP. Here’s one of the first completed songs off it, called “I Don’t Want To.” Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

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  1. i'm still reading, ade hahaha and for some reason i can't play the music.

    1. SoundCloud might have been down. It should be back now. 🙂

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