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Why Do People Like Their Own Facebook Posts?

To the people who like their own Facebook statuses, I have one simple question: why?

Please tell me. Are you desperate to have people liking your well-thought of and meticulously researched status (and you researched by googling for “love quotes” – but hey that took up seven minutes of your time, plus that Angelfire page crashed your Internet Explorer and that counts for something, right?) that you have to jumpstart the process by liking it yourself?

Let me get something straight here, people. By posting something on Facebook, it implies that you like it. Okay? This is almost as bad as tagging people in an unfunny picture taken from Tumblr, but you know, at least it doesn’t require your friends untagging themselves from some typography post with the same love quote (also it would be hilariously misquoted to, I dunno, Mikhail Gorbachev) on it. Or John Lloyd Cruz’s face. Okay, I don’t see any reason for people to untag themselves from John Lloyd’s face, but you get my drift.

John Lloyd Cruz
This is going to be my profile picture.

“But- but- Ade, posts won’t like themselves!” Okay, okay. Maybe you’re so excited with your thoughts that you can’t help but like it as soon as you posted it on Facebook. Also, I know it’s your Facebook and you can do whatever fucking thing you want with it. Fine, I’ll give you that. But you know, there are limits to liking your own posts. Imagine opening Facebook one day and seeing this:

Liking your own Facebook status

Liking your own Facebook status

Liking your own Facebook status

Liking your own Facebook status

Liking your own Facebook status

Liking your own Facebook status

Liking your own Facebook status

Liking your own Facebook status

Liking your own Facebook status

Yeah, I’d punch myself in the balls too. What about you guys? What do you think of people liking their own Facebook posts? Do you like your own Facebook statuses? Let’s hear it from you guys in the comments!

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  1. I have the same sentiment as you. There is some logic to liking your own posts (e.g. you could have posts of “OMG I broke up with my girlfriend” and “Grabe ansarap matulog” and liking only the second post) but on my view, usually it’s just to get attention. The worse part is Joni’s sentiment – people who post would be the first to comment on their own post. Sometimes it’s just a pahabol though, but sometimes it’s also for getting attention. I never liked the idea of liking your own post (or anyone’s actually, for that matter. It’s either I comment or nothing) and commenting first on your own post.

    1. Para hindi ka lonely kaka-like sa sarili mong post…

      (thumbs-up) PERF likes this.

  2. Steel Avatar

    I don't like the tone of your post.

    1. What about people who ask you to tag them in photos, even if they're not in it?

      I know someone who was asked to do just that. LOL.

      1. People do that? O_O Wow. And I thought tagging people in pictures they're not in is bad enough.

    2. Well, I don't like the tone of your face!

      1. lol. Excellent

      2. Jeremiah Luna Saaved Avatar
        Jeremiah Luna Saaved

        …and I like this! Love you, Ade! πŸ™‚

        1. … dude. What the hell?

  3. uyy! gawain! hahaha :))

    ganyan talaga, masabi lang na may nag-like :))

    andaming ginagawa sa fb nakabobo, isa na yan. bwahaha

  4. *like* πŸ˜€

  5. *like*

    Hi Noisyman, I'm a fan! πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Dani! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. Yeah, liking the post transfers your post from the most recent news feed to top stories. Still, it is frowned upon, especially if your post is stupid.

    Or is that an exception? Heehee!

  7. I will defend myself!!!!r nr nI only like my own status IF, I quoted someone else and really like it. And, I'm the fist to comment IF I forgot to include something in the status. There is no edit option.r nr n=(

    1. I once heard somewhere liking your own status is like sucking your own… yeah. LOL.

    2. There is, however, a delete button which you can use. And then you can edit it and post it another time. It may be a lot of work for some, but people who aren't clueless would stop at nothing to avoid looking like a douche.

      1. There's a character limit on FB when you post, but none on the comment section. So, some people put a "pahabol" comment because of that plain and simple reason.

        1. That character limit's been gone for a while now. πŸ™‚

          1. I really don't understand what the big deal is about this. Why do people get so upset about other people liking their own status?

            Just because you post a status, it is not automatically implied that you like it. What if you posted, "I'm feeling really sick today," or "Got an F on my test" or something of that nature? (simple examples and poor statuses but you get my drift) Sometimes liking your own status can show how excited you are about what just happened ("Got an A on my test!"), or can give clarity to the statement you made("It's raining today.."), or can be funny.

            I think you guys are upset about it because you're too focused on "likes" in general, so you get frustrated when you see someone "cheating the system." You carefully engineer each status so that it gets the most likes possible, and if you make a status that doesn't get any likes, you feel self-conscious and might even delete it. That's pretty narcissistic if you ask me. Facebook statuses are a form of expression, and we shouldn't modify our expression in a way that we think someone is going to like it – then we're not communicating who we really are, and might as well just be wearing a mask.

            If you really can't stand someone liking their own status, well it's not the first disagreeable thing that anyone's done on Facebook. People are bound to do something that gets on your nerves. This is why Facebook so kindly provided an "unsubscribe from so-and-so" option that shows up on every status update. I've used mine a bajillion times.

        2. D.R. Kingfree Avatar
          D.R. Kingfree

          I have never liked my own status, but I believe there is one, AND ONLY ONE, Situation where it is acceptable; of your attitude towards the status is ambiguous, i.e. something that one would usually hate, but for some unfathomable reason, you like it.

  8. *first

    1. This is just the newest thing, I remember seeing something more sad a few years back, bloggers being the only one who commented on their own post!

  9. First time, and nag-e-enjoy akong magbasa.

    I think, gusto nilang tularan sila. I will like my post, then somebody follows. My post will be on the news feed and everybody who loves to like anything on the feed will like it.

    1. It’s a bit like laughing at your own jokes really. kinda tasteless

  10. Kahit ako naiirita din whenever I see posts being liked by its own author. I mean, hello, wala ba silang friends? LOL :))

    nice blog btw! πŸ™‚

    1. Jeremiah Avatar

      I strongly agree! πŸ™‚

  11. Lol…I was sooo pissed about it that I googled it. I was about to open a facebook page for it. It's just wayy too lame. I'm posting the link to this blog post on my facebook..and no, I won't "Like" it or lamely be the first to comment on it xD

  12. Would have to agree with you on this one. I have a middle-aged friend who strangely keeps doing this because she "lives" for the attention of her status updates (kind of pathetic, but it does happen). She posts something, if nobody reacts to it, she'll like her own status and even ask friends if they already read her status for the day. Tsktsktsk.

    Nice piece Ade! πŸ™‚

    1. Hahahaha shall we call them Like-whores? Or Like-sluts? Either way sounds appropriate.

      1. Liking your own status is like high-fiving yourself.


  14. nako! may pinsan akong ganyan! parang abnormal lang! ewan ko ba tsk! evidence: http://i56.tinypic.com/33ndoxt.jpg

  15. Haha good example WIW!

  16. I won’t do that..yes, I see a few people liking their own status or comment on Facebook for no reason….tsk tsk tsk..why they do this??? LOL

  17. well said. it's really fucked up liking your own post and the people here who didn't like the article are obviously some of these damn people who dont really get it. The kind of people with @windowslive emails that just registered so they can use facebook. The same people who don't and wont get the whole caps lock thing and many many more.

  18. And whats the problem liking our own status lol ? It's like giving a big high five πŸ˜€

    1. Giving a big high five – to yourself.

      1. SELF FIVE! πŸ˜€

        1. I *like* every status/comment/piece of personal information I post because I like them. Posting it doesn’t automatically imply liking it. Just ask the many people who comment on how much their life sucks because so-and-so doesn’t love them.r nr nAlso, everything I say and do is absolutely hilarious. And I’m an arrogant narcissist. And awesome.r nr n… Like

          1. K

          2. hmmf, what a stupid post on a stupid topic.

          3. What a coincidence! This is a stupid comment!

  19. I like my own status

    1. Congratulations!

  20. LOL how did i wind up here? Oh wait, i googled "liking your own post is retarded" – right on then. Back then i really did 'like' my own posts…but a time came when i 'liked' my own posted video one day, which i really liked, i realized – what on earth am i doing? I mean, it seemed so REDUNDANT! That's why you're posting it, coz you liked it in the first place! Then i decided at that moment i really need to stop 'liking' my own posts. That's just sad.

    1. Buddha! Avatar

      That was the point you attained Nirvana my friend! n

  21. Uh oh, guilty. I occasionally like my own statuses, for example when I got in the university of my choice. I'm never the first one to like it or comment on it though, and it's only when I'm so happy that liking it myself expresses that even more. Or something.

    1. Liking your own status is like wanking. Oh did someone say that already? πŸ˜€

  22. Liking your own posts is gay.

    1. Disappointed Smurf Avatar
      Disappointed Smurf

      I've seen someone post, like the post, comment, like the comment, comment again, like that too. Then one of her pets signs in (they all have facebook pages too, but I'm pretty sure her horse can't use facebook by itself) likes everything so far, comments, likes that. She signs in again. comments and likes everything again. repeat. ad nauseam. n nAn entire conversation of 20 or 30 comments ensues, with a half-dozen likes on each. All in the space of 30 minutes. But she's the only one involved (I'm still reluctant to believe her horse, cat, dog, budgie & tortoise know how to use facebook) n nMight have been more honest to post "I'm lonely – someone please pay me attention" and leave it at that…

      1. …. WOW.

  23. Makes me want to stab a fucking cat. n nOh hey, you got to do a post about bitcchs woo tyPE lIkE tHiSss 'n usee q insteeddd oof g. Everytime I see a bitch type like that, I lose some hope in society. n

    1. liking your own status is just plain dumb. End of story

      1. shotaiken Avatar

        I think it's LULZ. I know of no one who "likes" their own status in for serious. It's just something people do for the the lulz.

  24. prince of perversion Avatar
    prince of perversion

    lawlz! thts true man i even posted a comment stating how gay liking ur own pics and statuses are

  25. Forever alone lvl 99

  26. I like my on posts. Not because I want people to like them, but because I say very likable things. It doesn't seem to bother anyone so it's okay! n

  27. I LOL'd.

  28. The Deranged Writer Avatar
    The Deranged Writer

    Honestly, I would "like" my own Facebook status if I really like what I just posted… I think I may have "liked" a few statuses that has "Dave Grohl" on it. I'm just that nuts over the guy, so yeah, I'm lame.

    But you know what? There are people who would actually ask people to post on their Walls or Timelines just so they have some stuff over their profile. That's just as lame as it gets. I have this, um, "friend" who would ask such thing, and I just have to turn her down even if she looks like Jessy Mendiola (what?) and was nice to me before. "Was."

  29. I do it because… if I don’t like it, and I’m the one posting it, why would or should anyone else. Also, if I don’t “like” it and someone else does, they would then have more “like” for the posting than its own poster. With Regard to the implied “like” by the poster that is inherent in every post I say that may be true, but regardless when given the option and where words are subject to public scrutiny, I prefer to be clear over implied.

  30. “Let me get something straight here, people. By posting something on Facebook, it implies that you like it. Okay?”

    Example: “Michael Jackson is dead”

  31. Suzanne Avatar

    Im trying to explain this to my friend that thinks liking his status helps his post get seen by more people. Liking your own status doesnt get your post out to more people, it just makes you look stupid.

  32. I just started a blog for people who like their own statuses. Please take a screenshot if you catch any of your friends liking their own posts and submit.


  33. Yanti Susanti John Avatar
    Yanti Susanti John

    Some of my friends do the same, cant ask them why in case it hurts them but i feel it looks… Well….???

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