So I finally did it. After months of saving up, I went out and got me a brand-new laptop.

Acer Aspire 4736ZG

You guys all remember the time when I bought my first laptop, right? I saved up for months so I can afford the super-cheap Asus Eee PC 701. I was kind of an idiot back then, and I thought that since all I did was to surf the internet and look for porn, a laptop with specs that were top-of-the-line seven years ago and running a stripped-down version of Linux was enough. Big mistake.

Sure, I had fun dicking around with various distros of Linux. I even got Doom to run on it. I even got an offer to write on a blog about the Asus Eee. And when I finally installed Windows XP on MacEnvy (Yes, that’s what I named my laptop. What.), it took me a couple of days trimming all the fat from the OS, and I did learn a lot (something along the lines of “do not delete the nice file called SYSTEM32.exe”), but two years onward, having a first-generation netbook that doesn’t do much kind of became a pain.

As software requirements went up, I found myself dealing with crashes more often. Crashes usually resulted in a non-stop stream obscenities posted on Twitter and Plurk. Heck, it even got to a point where Firefox just won’t start anymore.

But enough about my computer troubles. I’m here to show you guys my brand-new baby!

Meet Apocalypto:

Meet Apocalypto

Apocalypto is an Acer Aspire 4736ZG running Windows 7. Specs-wise, Apocalypto is running pretty good hardware and I suppose I’m forfeiting the right to complain about computer problems for a couple of years. I love how everything runs so smoothly. No more muttered cursing under my breath as I wait for the stupid browser window to start.

Meet Apocalypto: up close

For the record, I wasn’t thinking of that Mel Gibson movie when I named my laptop. I was sitting in the computer shop, waiting for Windows to be set up when I thought about my poor wallet after paying for this.

So you’ll be seeing less rants about my computer problems in the future. Instead, you’ll be getting more blog posts from me! Yay?

Thanks by the way to JM for helping me out with this purchase!

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