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Livestreamer Accidentally Sets Room on Fire, Disappoints Smokey the Bear

When most people accidentally set their room on fire, the usual reaction would be “Holy shit, I could burn down my house. Let me stop this fire in the quickest way possible!” Then they’d run off to get the largest container possible and fill it up with water, get a fire extinguisher, or, you know, just knowing when not to fucking fan the flames and/or putting the flaming thing next to more flammable material to make things worse.


Unfortunately, for this hapless livestreamer who accidentally set his stuff on fire (at the 4:50 mark in the video), his first reaction was to set it on another mass of flammable items, throw a third of a bottle of mineral water on it, and slowly get a laughably inadequate amount of water.

Livestreamer Accidentally Sets Room on Fire

At the point where he puts the flaming mass on top of a bunch of flammable posters, I was literally screaming at my computer and wondering why it did not occur to him to just simply stomp the fucking fire out.

And no, you can’t say he was taken over by panic. He clearly wasn’t panicking. At all.

Good job, random internet livestreamer. You have disappointed Smokey the Bear, who will now do everything in his power to keep you away from forests; as the flaming mass that used to be your room proves, you clearly cannot prevent forest fires.


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