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A Christmas Gift List For That Geek Friend In Your Life (Who is Probably Named Ade)

It’s that time of year where you spend so much money spending for gifts to give to people you barely know and/or like, just to avoid awkward situations where you are given gifts and you have nothing to give in return.

I’m sure you’re wondering what to give that geeky friend of yours who annoyingly won’t stop talking about how he finds his Nintendo Switch amazing in every way, I have a list of not-at-all-reasonably-priced goodies for him.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons work fine, but for long gaming sessions, they can get really cramped and painful. Besides, the lack of a D-Pad on the Joy-Cons really ruin it for me for games like Axiom Verge. Sure, I have my 8bitdo controller, but it’s not necessarily the most ergonomic thing out there. Plus, the absence of rumble and motion control is really starting to get to me.

Of course there are relatively cheaper options, but the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is great. It’s simply the best option if you’re playing games like Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2.

It’s also expensive. Which is why it’s on a wishlist.

OnePlus 5

I currently have a Nexus 6P. It’s a fantastic phone, with stock Android and a great camera.

Check out my amazing demonstration of my photography skills:



I wasn’t planning on replacing it any time soon. But hardware issues reared its ugly head a little over a year of owning it and I am currently experiencing the battery degradation issues most 6P owners are experiencing.

Hence, I’m here, looking at the OnePlus 5. I need a new phone so I can browse Reddit on the go and avoid human interaction in social settings. Please.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

I wanted to get Nintendo’s NES Classic and SNES Classic. But those things are overpriced nostalgia cash-ins that were produced in limited quantity. I really don’t care anymore if I can get my hands on those two mini consoles, but I think I can make my own with a Raspberry Pi.

I can install a virtually unlimited amount of games from different gaming generations on that thing, and I can treat myself to hours of retro gaming fun.


Fitbit Ionic

My needs are simple when it comes to a fitness tracker: make it relatively accurate, have a good app, and make sure it doesn’t die on me in the middle of a run. Now with my phone dying on me like all the time, I now want something with GPS so I don’t have to rely on a phone. Especially if I decide to start to train for a full marathon, my phone’s measly battery won’t last.

A Fitbit Ionic, even though it’s been hit by the ugly stick way too many times than it deserved, sounds great. I know, I know, I can get GPS watches from Garmin for less money, but it means I have to let go of the Fitbit app where I’ve been logging everything for years now. Basically, if I’m not wearing my Fitbit, that workout didn’t happen.

Elgato HD60

Ever since I got the Nintendo Switch, I never expected to put in so much time in video games. My wallet is feeling the burn, and I really need to find a way to earn from playing way too many video games. I can just capture videos of me playing, upload those to YouTube, livestream some Let’s Plays, and monetize. For that, I’d need an Elgato HD60 because the Switch has the worst video capture implementation ever.

Or I can, you know, flood your Facebook feed with stupid mediocre gameplay videos punctuated with my horrible delivery of jokes. I think that’s enough to make the Elgato a worthwhile investment.

What about you? What’s on your wishlist this year? You should leave a comment below so we can compare wishlists. See you in the comments!

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