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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes With This Special ‘Daredevil’ POV Fight Scene

We’ve talked at length on how the Daredevil hallway fight scene is one of the best fight scenes of all time. But have you tried watching any of the Daredevil fight scenes from a different perspective?

With the Blu-Ray of Netflix’s amazing series coming up, YouTuber SCC shows us what he thinks some of the special features will be – and it involves different view on Daredevil’s fight scenes.

Watch the video below.

Yeah, it’s fan-made like this Law & Order video, probably a few shades of politically incorrect, and if we’re going to be pedantic, Daredevil uses echolocation – and instead of total darkness, it’s depicted like this:


Honestly, this is just my way of filling the Daredevil-shaped absence in my life until the second season comes around, because dear God it cannot come soon enough.

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