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Beginner Cosplayer? Check out These Video Game Cosplay Ideas

If playing video games is just not enough, then you may wish to go full nerd and embrace cosplay. That is, dressing up as your most beloved character. The good news is that even if you are just starting out on your cosplay journey, they are plenty of easy options to choose. Just check out the examples in the post below to get started. 

Cloud – Final Fantasy 7 

Probably one of video games’ most aesthetically iconic characters, Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy franchise is a popular cosplay option. The good news is that because of this, coming up with a pretty impressive and accurate custom isn’t difficult at all. The reason being that there are a whole bunch of informative tutorials out there on how to create everything from his foam armour to his famous Buster Sword. 

In fact with a foundation of some pretty simple garments such as a black turtleneck with the sleeves cut off, some billowing pants and a few studded belts you can get a pretty good likeness but adding the items mentioned above. 

Of course, the one thing that will boost your could cosplay to the next level is getting the hair right. You know that spikey blond polygon crown that’s just about as iconic as they come. Happily, you have two options to choose from here. The first is to shell out your hard-earned money and invest in a wig. An item that you will find for cheap on eBay and more expensively on custom cosplay sites. 

However, a word to the wise here, you truly do get what you pay for meaning, that an eBay special might set you back less in cold hard cash, but it’s likely that you will have to spend some significant time cutting, styling and setting the thing to make sure it stays how you want all day. (Super strength hair spray like Got2Be Glued is your friend if you choose this option.)

The other alternative to consider is not to go for a real hair look at all but build a cloud hair headpiece out for foam or card. In fact, the very specific angular shapes of Clouds hair lend themselves particularly well to the option. 

Geralt of Rivia – The Witcher 

Another equally iconic male video game protagonist popular with the cosplay crowd is Geralt of Rivia, otherwise known as the Witcher. Before you begin your costume, you will have to decide to go for the easy, hard, or brazen option, though.  

The easy option is so-called because it involved an open shirt rather than armour. With armour being critical for the more challenging option and that you can find instruction for here.

The brazen option, however, requires very little torso coverage at all. Yes, that’s right, a bare chest will do here! Just be sure to have your wolf medallion displayed. Oh, and some special effects makeup work for the scars and wounds Geralt has picked up on his latest adventure. 

Of course, another essential party of any Geralt cosplay is his beard and hair combination. Both of which are white-grey. Wigs are the go-to option here. Be sure to style them into the correct position. Geralt tends to wear his hair half up at the back. Fake beards are also a great option and can be found widely. However, you may wish to try dying your own with makeup or even knitting one out of wool for a more irreverent take.  

Princess Zelda

It’s not just male characters that are popular in cosplay, as you will have probably noticed, and one of the most beloved female options coming from Video Game is princess Zelda herself. Of course, you can invest hundreds in a custom made flowing dress or embellished tunic, but if you would like to keep the costs down, choosing trousered Zelda from the Breath of the Wild is a smart idea. 

All you need to begin are some tight black jeans. A white, high-necked shirt with a frill down the front is the next item in which to invest. Oh and don’t forget a cropped over-top in azure blue. A very thick brown belt that can be worn slung around the waist is vital as well, although you can have a go at making one from fabric or faux leather to keep costs down while still being as faithful to the character as possible. 

Once you have your outfit basics sorted it’s to complete the finishing touches. Once again, hair is a big deal here, and you will want to look for a very long yellow-blond wig. Take a substantial section at the side and plait it and wrap around your head like an Alice band for a comfortable but authentic look. 

Then you’ll need to grab some black knee-high boots, make sure your jeans are tucked into them and then either buy or find some covers that give the look of cuffs. Finally, you will want to complete Zelda’s make up for the ultimate look, of which you can find a great tutorial here. Whatever you do, just don’t forget the ears! 

Johnny Cage – Mortal Kombat 

If you are looking for something a little more modern, then a Johnny Cage from mortal combat may be just the thing! Johnny Cage from mortal Kombat 11 that is. It’s a relatively simple look to pull off as well; you just have to make sure you have identified the key elements before you begin. 

The first of these is his round sunglasses by which he is most often recognised. Then find a long-sleeved black top with a round neck. Roll the sleeves up to three-quarter length and accessories with black and purple wristbands. Then add a dog tag over his shirt and over that a military green flack jacket with plenty of pockets. 

For your lower half you will want blue jeans or black leggings, with tight being the operative word. Add combat boots and the piece de’ resistance which is a wide WWE style belt with a massive silver CAGE written across it. 

The good news is that you can totally buy one of these 3d printed in silver plastic from Etsy. Although if you were feeling crafty, you could have a go at fashioning one yourself out of paper mache and then spraying it silver.  Something that is bound to get you way more points with the Cosplay community when you finally show off your efforts.  

Gender Bend

Finally, if you see a character above that appeals to you, but doesn’t fit your gender identity, don’t forget that there are several options you can try. The first is to go for a gender-bending costume, otherwise known as rule 63 in the cosplay world.  That is one that is faithful to the original character, except when it comes to the gender they portray. Gender-bending costumes are a widespread phenomena in the cosplay world, with some incredibly successful offerings including female Jokers, Male Harley Quinns, and female Elsas. 

Then there is cross-play, where a person chooses to portray a character that is of a gender that is not their own. Of course, there is much fun and creativity to be had by selecting this second option, even if it may take a little more guts than the others. 

However, as you would expect from a nerd-focused fandom, the acceptance of people of all genders, and people cosplaying as all genders is high, which is just another reason to embrace the fun and creative pastime of cosplay! 


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