Guys… remember when bands used to make music? Remember when bands lived up to the hype? Remember when bands actually had originality?!

I remember, ‘coz looking at the current state of the band scene, I am so longing for the mid-90s band scene. Bands made music then. And the 2001-2003 band scene too. Hip-Hop was king then, so only those who want to be in a band were in a band. There was no “band explosion”, no bandwagon, no posers.

Ok. Remember the Eraserheads?!

Here’s my belated review of the Eraserheads tribute album, “UltraElectroMagneticJam”.



It was, at best, a mixed deal. it had some gems, and yet also had really bad versions of E-Heads songs.

Let’s classify the songs into three groups: “Amazing”, “Eh… it’s ok”, and “Horrible”


  • Huling El Bimbo (Rico J. Puno) – Best. Remake. In album. Ever.
  • Tikman (SugarFree) – I love the way they slowed it down and gave it an infectous, insistent beat. I love their version better than the original. And didja hear Ebe’s yawn at the beginning?!
  • Huwag Kang Matakot (Orange & Lemons) – I know some of you are saying, “WHY ORANGE AND LEMONS?! WHY THAT RIP-OFF BAND?!” I’m telling you why: pre-“Pinoy Ako”, these bunch of guys radiate coolness. They were like post-modern Beatles. Huwag Kang Matakot  fits their style perfectly. And the cute Julie Tearjerky riffs in the adlib sold the song for me. BONUS: Listen to the end for a Tikman riff as well.
  • Spoliarium (Imago) – Ah, the mighty Imago. They’ve already proven their mettle with E-Heads songs with their version of Overdrive a few years back, and they’re here again. Although I prefer their old ethnic sound, I must say their version of Spoliarium is the most powerful female remake in the album. Now imagine how this one would sound with their old ethnic arrangements.
  • Alcohol (Radioactive Sago Project) – “P***** I**, kailangan ko ng yelo”. Spoken Jazz. Badass arrangement. Lourd De Veyra. Need I say more?
  • Superproxy2k6 (Francis M) – Although I prefer the original anytime, Francis M’s heavier version proves that you need more than talent. you need to have a love of the song to pull off a successful remake. And is that ELY BUENDIA I hear rapping in the end?!
  • Maling Akala (Brownman Revival) – As this song was released months ago, this song wasn’t made to be part of this collection, obviously. But that was its strength. This has the distinction of having the slickest production in the album.
  • Torpedo (Isha) – Many have said, “WHO IS ISHA?!” She’s a jazz singer from Candid Records. Many hate her version, but I love it.

    Eh…it’s ok

  • Overdrive (Barbie Almalbis) – A cute version. Not really amazing, but not bad.
  • Huwag Mo Nang Itanong (MYMP) – It lacks the slickness of the original. A great Slow Jazz experiment reduced to a piano ballad. But if you don’t remind yourself of how good the original sounded, you’ll actually like this.
  • Alapaap (6 Cycle Mind) – I am not a fan of 6 Cycle Mind. In fact, I hated their last few releases. I give them props for capturing the essence of the song… but WHERE IS THE SIGNATURE BASS RIFF?!
  • Magasin (Paolo Santos) – Paolo Santos does away with the heaviness of the original, and that is where his version fails. However, it isn’t THAT bad.
  • Pare Ko (Spongecola) – I have to give Spongecola credit for capturing the song’s essence. But Yael, as always, has a tendency for overkill.


  • With A Smile (South Border) – Living proof that R&B arrangements don’t work for E-Heads songs. MEMO: Regine Velasquez
  • Ligaya (Kitchie Nadal) – Y’know, I’m a big fan of Kitchie, but I really don’t think Ligaya is the song for her.
  • Para sa Masa (Various Artists) – Were they trying to pull of a We are the World? I didn’t like the original, and this version does nothing to make me like it.
  • Hard To Believe (Cueshé)After I heard this version, I was like “Why ME?! What have I done to deserve this torture?!” and I immediately went to confession for the salvation of my soul. Kidding aside, you may think I’m saying that because by default I hate Cueshé, but I heard their version before I knew it was theirs, and I didn’t like it outright. THE SONG WAS SUPPOSED TO BE LIGHT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Now they’ve turned it to “alternative” crap.

I think the time is ripe for UltraElectroMagneticJam 2. And here are some artists I’d like to see, and the songs i’d like them to cover:

  • Up Dharma Down – Harana
  • Juan Pablo Dream – Wishing Wells / Ligaya
  • Silent Sanctuary – Lightyears
  • Pedicab – Back2Me / Banannatype
  • Stonefree – Trip to Jerusalem / Andalusian Dog
  • Narda – Kaliwete
  • Mishka Adams – With a Smile / Fill Her
  • Jeepney Joyride – Tindahan ni Aling Nena
  • The Late Isabel – Maskara

Or better yet, I’d rather have the E-Heads back together and do some new good songs.