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"Doctor Who: The Snowmen" Review

Hello, everyone. It is time once again for my review of the latest Doctor Who episode, so please indulge me as I bore the shit out of you while I talk about the various intricacies of the Christmas Special. Ok, ready, guys? Here we go.

I wasn’t able to talk about the last two episodes before The Snowmen, mainly because The Power of Three and The Angels Take Manhattan were two of the most heartbreaking ¬†Doctor Who¬†episodes I have seen since Rose Tyler and Donna Noble’s respective exits. I really, really, loved the Ponds, ok? Rory’s my second-favorite companion after Donna, and we all know about my unhealthy obsession with Amy Pond and her ginger sexiness. Which is why I was both dreading and anticipating Clara’s debut as companion in The Snowmen. How the hell is she going to live up to the Ponds? Also, is she going to be another sassy, sexy, companion in the same vein as Amy and River?

Full review, plus spoilers, after this point! Continue reading

Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks Review

Know what completely pissed me off over the summer? No Doctor Who. At all. Usually, a new season of Doctor Who premieres on my birthday, making it the greatest birthday ever (for like two years already). But this year, the BBC decided to fuck with the established order and decided to make my birthday suckier by delaying the broadcast of Doctor Who series 7 until September.

It was fucking worth waiting for.

Current showrunner Steven Moffat promised us that every episode this season will be a blockbuster. And boy, did he deliver. The series premiere, Asylum of the Daleks, was one epic moment after another. We start off with the Doctor landing on the abandoned Dalek planet, Skaro, which was last seen in the 1996 Doctor Who movie. It turns out to be a trap, for the girl he was meeting turns out to be a human-Dalek hybrid and he gets captured. He’s not alone though. The Daleks have also captured the now-estranged couple Amy and Rory, and they’re being thrown into a planet full of Daleks who are too crazy for the Dalek empire to handle.

Epic shit like explosions, Indiana Jones moments, and close calls happen. Also a couple of mindfucks. And we’ll talk about spoilery stuff at this point, so you have to watch the episode first before reading on. Continue reading

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