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Doctor Who Series 8 Starts in 8 Days!

I don’t know about you, but it’s been far too long since we’ve had a proper Doctor Who fix. We were left hanging after Matt Smith regenerated into Peter Capaldi way back in December’s The Time of the Doctor. Now it’s eight days before August 23, and we’ll get to watch Capaldi play a reportedly darker Doctor.

Are you excited? I know I am. Sound off your thoughts in the comments!

New Superman Image From "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" Teases A Whole Lot Of Nothing

So last night, DC released this new image of Superman from the impossibly-titled Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So here’s Superman standing and scowling at the rooftops of what appears to be Gotham City. Probably moments before Batman pounces on him and stabs him with a kryptonite knife.

So he has very minimal costume changes, but apparently a whole lot of fanboys have started to dissect the image and see what minuscule clues a heavily-photoshopped image can provide for the plot of a movie that is coming out in two years. Continue reading

New Year's Resolutions for 2014 (That I Will Probably Break)

Now that 2013 is coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on the year that passed. Think about all the things you’ve done, the experiences you’ve had to get to this point, and finally all the things you’ve learned this year. This is the new year, and I know you want to take all these lessons and have an epiphany and change your life for the better. But most of us will just go back to our old routines and be the same old people we were before the holidays. Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Funny Santa Claus

Hey there, guys! At this time I’m probably out of town at some family function. So here it is, I’m greeting all of my readers (whoever’s left; I bet you all got sick of me a long time ago) a Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays. Or Happy Hanukkah.

Anyway, I found the perfect Christmas song for you. Turn up your volume really loud, play this video, close your eyes, and feel the Christmas spirit wash over you.

How’s your Christmas so far? Enjoy this day!

What's on your Christmas Wish List this year?

So Christmas is fast approaching, and I can definitely say that I’m feeling the Christmas spirit more this year than the last, er, five years. Usually at this time of year I’d be caught up in a massive bout of depression and I’d go around telling people how much I hate this season, go wild whenever I hear that cursed Jose Mari Chan song, and tell kids that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

I honestly don’t know what changed, and frankly, I don’t care. I’m just really starting to enjoy myself.

Continue reading

So You've Partied Too Hard and Twerked in Front of Everybody

… why is everybody staring at me?

My friend, you just did what kids nowadays call “twerking.”


You know, twerking. You bend over, and shake your pelvis so hard your butt jiggles or something.

But I don’t remember anything.

Do you remember that bottle of Jack you downed in under an hour?

No? That explains a lot.

Okay, so I twerked. Everybody must be doing it, right? So why the hell is everyone making a big deal out of it?

You can answer that yourself. Let me ask you a series of questions and you’ll come to the right conclusion in a bit.

What? No. I wanna know why-

Are you Miley Cyrus? Continue reading

Watch RomCom in #CutTheCrap at Route 196!

So after a month or two of staying quiet, RomCom is back! We’re playing for Muni’s #CutTheCrap gig this June 15, Saturday at Route 196! We’re playing with Pedicab, Ciudad, Slow Hello, Your Imaginary Friends, and No Rome.

In case you haven’t heard us yet, here’s our EP, “It’s Tight Like Prom Night!” which you can download here.

Show starts at 9PM. Gate price is 250 bucks. See you!

Poster by Rob Cham!

'Scuse The Mess


Hey internet! This blog was down for a bit a while back. Sorry about that. I’m still in the process of fixing stuff and soon enough you’ll find me restoring this blog back the way it used to be.

Now if I can only find things to blog about.

(Thanks to Jhay for helping me fix this!)

Ade's Christmas Wishlist 2012

Welp, 2012 just went by so fast. I can’t believe it’s December already. And yeah, I barely blogged at all. Sorry. To make up for the shitty year that was 2012, I’m going to write something now. And it’s a Christmas wishlist. Because, come on, it’s that time of year where I bug you, my readers, for expensive consumer electronics and with the lack of gifts from you all, I’ll end up getting disappointed in you guys. Again. Anyway. Wishlist coming up.

iPad mini or Nexus 7

I honestly don’t know if I need a tablet. My smartphones do the job fine, but I swear, I can’t read books on my phones. I’m actually thinking of getting a 7″ tablet just for books. And 7″ seems to be the perfect size because I don’t want to lug a full-sized tablet around. Aaaand yeah, getting work done on the without squinting on my phone’s screen is also a good idea. Continue reading

Axe Anarchy Island Bikini Car Wash is Tomorrow!

Remember when I said before that Axe is out to save Boracay with sexy sexiness? Well, here’s one of the things they’re going to do: A BIKINI CAR WASH! Yes, Axe is going to send off a legion of sexy babes to clean your car. This is seriously going to help save the environment!

We’ll have the AXE ANARCHY ISLAND BIKINI CAR WASH tomorrow at Aseana City, Roxas Boulevard Paranaque from 1-5PM!

Help save the beaches of Boracay and get your car washed squeaky clean by hot babes like Abby Poblador! And if that’s not enough, you’ll get performances by Chicosci and Sponge Cola! How neat is that?

You can follow and contribute to the #sexysavesboracay hashtag on Twitter for more details. Drop by as well! See you!

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