So let me get this straight. WordCamp Philippines? September 6, 2008? In College of St. Benilde? Pffft. This’ll be a big pile of fail. I mean PHAIL.

WordCamp Philippines badge1

Come on, why would I be excited that WordPress rockstar Matt Mullenweg himself is coming? Or that i.PH, the single most awesomest free blogging platform in the history of awesome blogging platforms is sponsoring? Should I even care that my friends Ria, Andrew and Blogie (who are part of Mindanao Bloggers) are organizing it?

Frankly, I couldn’t care less.

You see, the whole prospect of WP developers hanging out together and talking about WordPress bores the hell outta me. And that the free wifi in Benilde will probably be used by some douches like this guy for Plurking stuff like “OMG THE HOT FEMALE RUSSIAN WORDPRESS DEVELOPERS ARE SO TOTALLY MADE OF SEX! DAMMIT I FORGOT MY DATE RAPE KIT! FUCK!” or something intelligent like that.

Yeah. It’ll be one big pile of yawn. Unless of course they get Baddie to go there dressed as a ninja. And do battle with a pirate costume-clad Pau (no, buddy, you cannot go naked this time, SRY). And then Mike (clad in nothing but Steel‘s sexeh lingerie) would swing from a rope just above the fighting ninja and pirate, while scattering confetti over the place. After a long battle, a Tyranosaurus Rex will come out of nowhere and eat half of the astounded audience. And then the dinosaur will walk away. Slowly. Because Helga chased it away with a chicken drumstick. She was also in a cat costume. Then the lights would go dark (I’m imagining this epic battle would happen outdoors at noon, so it’ll be awesome if the organizers arrange a solar eclipse) then fireworks would go over the place. Then the words “WordCamp 2008” will be spelled on the sky via moondust scattered by Lauren while wearing fairy wings.

Yeah, that’ll make WordCamp much more awesome. I’m excited already.

Are you going to WordCamp? If you want to see that awesome scenario happen, register for WordCamp here.

And now, the obligatory list of sponsors:

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