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What did Superman Sing to Darkseid in Final Crisis?

In Final Crisis #7, the evil overlord of Apokilips, Darkseid, has become EVERYTHING. And Superman takes the damn god out with a SONG. Seriously. He fucking sings with all he’s got, and he fucking kills a fricking almost-immortal god with a song. Now, the awesome Dr. K is asking people to fill in the gaps in the narrative:

Exactly what song does Superman sing into the Miracle Machine to Save The World?

While Baddie has his own idea, this is what I think:


I believe that Superman is secretly a Bon Jovi fan and was waiting for the right moment to unleash all its fury on the evil god.

What do you think?

Special bonus alternate universe panel:



  1. Ramen Rider

    Why have I not read this earlier?!

    If it's a song that kills giant baddies and blows up alien stuff, the first choice would be "Ai Oboete Imasu Ka" from Macross:

  2. reyearth

    rocking… keep on rocking….

  3. love it man :)) comics and humor why didn't i think of that XD

  4. deym! i’m a bon jovi fan and i think superman can’t choose a better song than that. 🙂

    (bed of roses is kool, you know. but now for this battle.)

  5. Total eclipse of the heart would’ve been awesome-r

  6. I'm surprised he didn't sing "My Way" what with all the deaths at videoke bars related to that song, I though Superman would pick this one.

  7. aw hell. Darkseid got taken out by KARAOKE? Has Superman finally gone Japanese anime?

  8. hmm. you may have a point there. did you see that hideous semi-mullet he grew back in the "death of superman" storyline? a few frosted highlights and BAM, bon jovi locks.

  9. Superman just sang William Hung's version of "She Bangs"…

    Nuff said.

    (She bangs! She bangs! Ooo baby! When she moves…)

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