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What did Superman Sing to Darkseid in Final Crisis?

In Final Crisis #7, the evil overlord of Apokilips, Darkseid, has become EVERYTHING. And Superman takes the damn god out with a SONG. Seriously. He fucking sings with all he’s got, and he fucking kills a fricking almost-immortal god with a song. Now, the awesome Dr. K is asking people to fill in the gaps in the narrative:

Exactly what song does Superman sing into the Miracle Machine to Save The World?

While Baddie has his own idea, this is what I think:


I believe that Superman is secretly a Bon Jovi fan and was waiting for the right moment to unleash all its fury on the evil god.

What do you think?

Special bonus alternate universe panel:



  1. Ramen Rider

    Why have I not read this earlier?!

    If it's a song that kills giant baddies and blows up alien stuff, the first choice would be "Ai Oboete Imasu Ka" from Macross:

  2. reyearth

    rocking… keep on rocking….

  3. love it man :)) comics and humor why didn't i think of that XD

  4. deym! i’m a bon jovi fan and i think superman can’t choose a better song than that. 🙂

    (bed of roses is kool, you know. but now for this battle.)

  5. Total eclipse of the heart would’ve been awesome-r

  6. I'm surprised he didn't sing "My Way" what with all the deaths at videoke bars related to that song, I though Superman would pick this one.

    • Ade

      Superman's too young for "My Way". Darkseid, since he's been alive since like forever, was gonna sing that (it's in his age group after all), but he died first.

  7. aw hell. Darkseid got taken out by KARAOKE? Has Superman finally gone Japanese anime?

    • Ade

      Superman was actually disappointed that Darkseid died halfway through "You Give Love A Bad Name." He wanted to sing "We Didn't Start The Fire" as well.

  8. hmm. you may have a point there. did you see that hideous semi-mullet he grew back in the "death of superman" storyline? a few frosted highlights and BAM, bon jovi locks.

  9. Superman just sang William Hung's version of "She Bangs"…

    Nuff said.

    (She bangs! She bangs! Ooo baby! When she moves…)

    • Ade

      Dude, imagine Superman dancing to She Bangs ala-William Hung.


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