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Welcome to Teh Interwebs

So Bryanboy is apparently The Antichrist because of this entry.

Erm, OK.

Before we go on, let me just state that I am a Catholic, not a fan of Bryanboy, and I when I saw those pictures my first reaction was “WTF?” and I immediately closed the Firefox Tab.

I’m not defending Bryanboy, and I’m not saying that voicing out your opinion against Bryanboy is wrong. But an online petition declaring him to be the Antichrist? Goddamn retarded.

When Elvis scandalized people back in the ’50s, people did novena masses to save his soul. Now when a blogger creates a scandal, he becomes the Antichrist. How time flies.

Welcome to the Internet, n00bs.

Well, it’s not as retarded as that proposal trying to force J.K. Rowling to make sure that Harry and Hermione ends up together in Harry Potter Book 7, when it’s her book and she can do whatever she wants with her characters. Hell, I even trolled that Harry Potter petition a few times just for kicks, and I got some totally amazing lulz.

You see where I’m getting at here?

Lemme just do a recap: snarky gay possibly non-Catholic blogger vs. Bible Thumpers with way too much time in their hands.

Bring out the popcorn, this’ll be fun to watch.

Who wins?

The Internet.


Oh, I forgot, people hate the internet, too.

So what do you think? Leave a comment! Don’t worry, I won’t start a petition banning you or something if you don’t agree with me. I’ll just, erm, call you ugly.

Thanks to Abe Olandres for the heads-up.


  1. Nice. Just checked out the online petition from the link you provided, Ade. Either it's gone or it was the wrong one. Anyway, I can't view the petition that BB is the antichrist. Oh well.

  2. The zealot ignoramuses are just overreacting. The one thing that irked me the most was when some stupid fucktard made a comment that Europeans are spreading AIDS or HIV. I am kindof offended since most of these third world fucks are itching to travel here


    Do I really have to rape more shriveled up nuns and burn more churches before i get the credit I deserve?

    Death to the RCC

  4. oooh. it's the next dark age.

    on the picture: sounds like an over reaction. these people have to much free time. you'd think the anti-christ would do something more sinister or somthing.

    the world is different when you live in apathetic.

  5. [quote comment="3358"]But is the internet there?[/quote]
    Oh noes!!!sixsixsix

  6. Like you've said, it's just overreacting conservative catholics making so much fuss against something that is not worth it. Heck, they actually gave Bryanboy a spike in traffic=visitors ads=earnings. hahaha

    Retards, no questions about it.

  7. i don't hate him, but i don't get why he's so fucking popular. so, uh, yeah, that's it.

  8. ade

    [quote comment="3326"]Have you been to the End of the Internet?[/quote]
    [quote comment="3331"]^ I haves but this is where it all began.[/quote]

    But is the internet there?

  9. I'm not a fan of Bryan Boy but I can't understand why those morons dub him as the AntiChrist.

    No wonder more and more people are leaving that stupid religion.

  10. On the photos:

    It's an icon. It's inanimate. It's made of stone or wood or whatever. Therefore, it should not be worshipped. I know that. You know that. We all know that. It's the same thing as strapping a bag on a Hello Kitty doll.

    On the text:

    I don't know. I'm neither Catholic nor Christian so I can't react like I know everything about it. But Jesus is our f***ing homeboy may seem quite offensive to most Catholic people.

  11. I think Bryan is unique. It's not that I'm kind of attracted too gays or anything but I really like the openmindedness and liberal thinking of that guy. 🙂

  12. I'm an atheist how come I don't get this much attention

  13. ^ I haves but this is where it all began.

  14. Have you been to the End of the Internet?

  15. In the same way that BryanBoy has the right to post whatever he deems appropriate, others are also entirely free to oppose it and file whatever petition. In the end, it is for each and everyone of us to make our individual opinions on the issue.

    Mr. Noisy Man, thanks for the info…

  16. rex

    i am no fan of bryanboy either. i dont get why he is so famous. pero sabagay, even Paris Hilton is famous for doing stupid stuff. hehe. =p

  17. WITHOUT photos. God, ditzditzditz.

  18. Didn't have a camera. Halloween is such a waste with photos, I cry and slash my wrists now.

  19. Coincidentally, a couple of online Muslim petitioners have been spreading words and messages regarding how the terms "TEH" and "INTARWEBS" contradict the teachings of the great Mohammed. Form what I've heard they have started to declare Jihad on bloggers who use the said terms on a regular basis.

  20. Don’t worry, I won’t start a petition banning you or something.


    Bryanboy must be wetting his panties right now.

  21. Dear Randomly Selected Blogger:

    Hello there. We're trying to get a bajillion bloggers to post entries on their blogs about how The Noisy One is in league with Satan. We just figured out through some ancient Kabbalistic formulas you wouldn't understand that the names Adrian and Magnaye, ESPECIALLY when used in that order, actually spell out "Satan is teh Noisy" in Aramaic! OMG indeed! Do your part! Expose the Noisy One!

    Sincerely Yours,


  22. you seem to be very keen on divorcing yourself with any link with bryan boy. this is the second time youve done that in the past week, methinks. Are you trying to dethrone Bryanboy? hehe

    Paangkas narin sa bandwagon.

  23. Overzealous Christians are just the most annoying people on the face of the planet. And yeah, they're asshats with no sense of humor as well.

    Talk about total psycho nutjobs.

    And I don't wanna watch, thankyouverymuch. I pretty much repress anything religion-related, you know.

  24. JV

    Bryanboy Antichrist? Wow! That's an explosive news in the blogging world, just like the 9/11 attack. I'm also not a fan of Bryanboy. Mentioning that he's an antichrist is just absurd or maybe right? Now, I'm confused! I think respect for one another and religion should be put in mind. Bryanboy's a top blogger, so she should be an example.

    One thing's for sure: this issue will be destructive! Let's just hold on tight, we know that she's a little bit dangerous! Hey, is that a song?:grin:

    Hi Ade, just came back to the blogging world after a vacation full of stress…

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