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Vote For Mike Villar!

Let me just take some time off from regularly not updating this blog and make an important announcement. The Philippine Blog Awards are on and we have the Blogger’s Choice Award, which is the only category there which we can choose. Well, I can go on plugging lots of people here, but come on, there really is no contest. There’s only one guy who deserves to win here: Mike Villar.

Picture by Bim

I shall echo Pau and Lauren‘s reasons why he should win:

  • Blogging has been reduced to a whoring venue, where writing about events and gadgets have superseded telling the world about yourself (a deed which I admit I am guilty of). Mike does not give in. In fact, browsing through his blog would give you an overview of his various neuroses, phobias, and sexual (mis)adventures. His personal blog still is a personal blog.
  • His blog may offend a lot of people, as it did countless times in the past, but he does not give a fucking rat’s ass.
  • Fellow Man Blog editors Bim and Steel hate him with a passion of a thousand burning crotches.
  • His endless recounting of his failures makes me feel better about my life.
  • Also, he drives me home whenever I’m totally drunk to commute. (Let’s not get any ideas here, people)

To drive home my point, let me quote Steel‘s eloquent description of Mike:

If you look up the term skankoid in the dictionary, you won’t find Mike’s picture in it – because it’s a goddamn dictionary. There ain’t no pictures in dictionaries. But I bet the definition would include the words “Mike” and “Villar” in it.

Seriously though, his blog, though rarely updated, still is one of the best blogs in the blogosphere today. People may find it offensive, people may find his humor too crass or even highbrow, but he deserves to win. Hey, he could use the prize money (is there prize money?) to buy me beer!

Or he steals your panties. And use it as a headpiece.

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  1. So…I vote for Mike and then we just pray Bim wins kk

    Helga's last blog post..STYLE ICONS, YOU SAY?

  2. thegreatest

    meh. I only voted for him because I don't believe a blog should be called FruityOaty.

  3. Btw, mind if I snatch that picture of mikey w/ err.. a panty on his head? lol

  4. Okay, I'm voting!

    Euri's last blog post..WordPress 6.6.2 Upgrade

  5. bim

    Know what's funny? You vote for him but you used the graphic of him that I made. Go make your own.

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